My Most Intriguing Packers Offseason Topic (Backfield)

Who will be in the backfield for the Green and Gold in 2013?

It can be said that the Packers may have a more pressing need this offseason, but I'd venture to say that there is no area more fun to discuss than that of the backfield. There are a lot of options, and I figured for those of you as excited about it as I am, we may as well have a discussion.

Our Current Backs:

Starks- I don't ever know exactly how I feel about James Starks. He is such an intriguing player, but his durability issues truthfully are nothing short of a disappointment. I wouldn't mind having the Packers let him go to give someone else a chance.

Saine- I was very hesitant to see the Packers hang on to Saine and was very surprised that he made the roster this year. After watching him run the ball however, I would like to see him back in a backup/developmental role.

Harris- I enjoy watching this kid play. He is a great player for our current system. I think he is very similar to LeSean McCoy if you watch him run in that he tackles himself on about half of his plays. His balance is such a question to me, as well as his pass catching ability, which is a must in our offense.

Benson- I was very shocked when the Packers brought in Benson this year. He is not the kind of back that can succeed in our system. I enjoy his bruising run ability, and his experience is a serious plus. I don't think that the Packers will bring him back next year due to his age, fumbling issues, and run-ins with the law.

Free Agent Possibilities:

Jackson- I would like to see Steven Jackson in a Packers uniform in 2013. Although unlikely due to other suitors and the Packers' propensity to take a back seat on NFL free agency, I think this move would make sense. An above average blocker and pass catcher would be welcome sight in Lambeau. His age is a concern, but I think that he has 2-3 years left in his tank of high level productivity.

Bradshaw- Another back with a lot of questions. His health has become a concern, and the fact that a respectable high level team would get rid of such a young, high quality back also concerns me. I like his running style, and I think he is one of the better fits for our offense out of the free agent crop.

Bush- Very interesting. A great pass catcher, and electrifying player with the ball in his hands. I like the fit for our offense, but he will have a lot of suitors. Not sure of his durability, but I think if used correctly he could have a Saints-like role in our offense.

Ivory- I find him to be an absolute diamond in the rough. I thoroughly enjoy the way he runs, and think he could be an asset to the lucky team that gets him into their training camp in 2013. Not sure of how he fits here, but I think his speed and physicality are ideal.

Draft Class:

Ball- not sure what to think here. I saw just about every game that he played in college, and saw him do some incredible things. I do believe that his senior year was a big disappointment. He didn't seem to have the same acceleration in and out of his cuts as in 2011, and the injuries on his o-line hurt his stats. I would like to draft him if the value is right, but the first round is a huge reach.

Lacy- I live in the South, but I did not watch as much of Lacy as I would have liked. He has an incredible size-speed-vision combo which I would like to see at the next level. Has never been a true featured back, so the transition to full time ball carrier will be fun to watch.

Le'veon Bell- I enjoyed what I saw of Bell at MSU. He has great power and tested better than I thought he would for speed and agility at the combine.

Zac Stacy- If you don't know who this is, look up his profile on He is very talented and in my opinion is the gem of this class of rbs. I like the size and speed, and the fact that he has played on a bad team in the SEC against top tier opponents.

Knile Davis- Very interesting guy. I would like to see what he could do in our spread offense. Very fast, but durability is always a concern for someone of his size and stature.

Feel free to comment back, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading, and remember...we could bring back Dorsey Levens and still win more games then the Lions.

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