Packers - 7 Round Mock Draft (With a trade =])

So here's my mock draft for the Packers.

First up, the trade. The Green Bay Packers send their 3rd round pick in 2013 (88th overall), their 5th round pick (159th overall) and a 2014 4th round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for their 3rd Round pick this year (63rd overall). The Chiefs sent their 2nd rounder to the 49ers in the trade for Alex Smith, and increase their draft picks through the trade with the Packers. The trade works out pretty well for both sides. The Packers still have a pick in the 5th round thanks to the compensatory pick, and the loss of the 2014 draft pick is likely to have little effect, due to the possibility if the Packers gaining multiple compensatory picks in the 2014 draft, due to the losses of free agents Greg Jennings and Erik Walden.

This leaves the Packers with the following draft picks:

1st Round/Pick 26 (26th overall)

2nd Round/Pick 25 (55th overall)

3rd Round/Pick 1 (63rd overall)

4th Round/Pick 25 (122nd overall)

5th Round/Pick 34 (167th overall) [Compensatory Pick]

6th Round/Pick 25 (193rd overall)

7th Round/Pick 26 (232nd overall)

So, without further ado,

1st Round/Pick 26

Tyler Eifert, Tight End, from Notre Dame

At this point in the first round, the Packers take the BPA, while filling a likely need for the 2014 season. Finley is either going to be leaving because he didn't play to his potential, or the Pack can't afford to re-sign him, once the contracts for Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji are done. Eifert is the top Tight End in the draft class, and would help the Packers recover from the losses of two wide receivers and a tight end this offseason.

2nd Round/Pick 25

John Jenkins, Nose Tackle, from Georgia

The Packers shore up the defensive with this pick, and also finding a replacement for Ryan Pickett whose contract is up at the end of the 2013 season. Jenkins is rated as a second to third round prospect by NFL Draft Scout ( and CBS (, which means he is probably going to be available for the Packers. However, some mocks have him going late in the first to teams such as Atlanta and San Francisco.

3rd Round/Pick 1

Barrett Jones, Center, from Alabama

The Packers trade up with the Kansas City Chiefs to ensure that they get their center for the future. Jeff Saturday did little last season and was eventually benched in favour of Evan Dietrich-Smith. However, Dietrich-Smith was given the lowest RFA tender, so it doesn't appear the Packers are in love with him as their starting center. Barrett Jones is still recovering from a foot injury that he played through in the BCS Championship game. Jones has played all along the offensive line during his time at Alabama, and has a high football IQ. Despite the injury and the possibility he starts on the PUP list (, someone is going to take a chance on Jones, and Ted Thompson trades up to ensure that it's the Green Bay Packers.

4th Round/Pick 25

Christine Michael, Running Back, from Texas A&M

The running back by committee approach didn't have the desired effect last season, so the Packers draft another running back, but wait until day three to do it. Christine Michael did fine at the NFL Scouting Combine, with the only problem being that he slept through some team interviews. Michael may not be the top running back in the class; he's ranked as the eighth best running back by both NFL Draft Scout and CBS. Whether Michael can cement the no. #1 running back spot on the Packers is one thing, but he can certainly bring a new dimension to the Green Bay Packers' running game.

5th Round/Pick 34 [Compensatory Pick]

William Gholston, Defensive End, from Michigan State

With their single compensatory pick in this year's draft, the Packers look to add another Defensive End to the roster. With Jerel Worthy almost certain to be on injured reserve at some point this season, the Packers ensure their defensive line will not suffer during his absence.

6th Round/Pick 25

Conner Vernon, Wide Receiver, from Duke

Vernon holds the records for ACC-career receptions and career receiving yards for the Duke Blue Devils. He is a useful receiver, who could help re-stock Green Bay's wide receiver corps following the losses of Driver and Jennings to retirement and the Vikings, respectively.

7th Round/Pick 26

Jordan Rodgers, Quarterback, from Vanderbilt

And the Green Bay Packers final draft pick in the 2013 NFL Draft is used to draft Jordan Rodgers, the younger brother of the Pack's starting quarterback Aaron. With Graham Harrell underwhelming, to say the least, during his time on the field against the New Orleans Saints last season and the Packers not really knowing what they have in B.J. Coleman on the Practice Squad, they bring in Aaron's little bro to ensure the backup QB spot is up for grabs during training camp. From the few clips I've seen of Jordan Rodgers, he seems like a reasonable backup. However, Vanderbilt were a heavy run team, so Jordan may not have thrown as much as would be expected of a Packers QB, backup or not. He shares of number of characteristics with Rodgers. He has a low turnover rate, throwing only 5 interceptions in 12 games for Vanderbilt in the 2012 season. He can also use his feet to a reasonable degree, and rushed for two touchdowns this past season.

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