Mock Drafts ~ How many is too many? :  )

Since Ted Thompson will probably trade down on Thursday Night if given the opportunity, (which makes perfect sense, since I'll be able to watch draft coverage Thursday, but, will be working Friday Night and Saturday Night... : )

Unless you predict TT's trades exactly, your mock draft is worthless... (Which most are... : ) I'm sure mine will be no different..., but, before I start, I want to say that I have really enjoyed the various draft coverage on APC, with a special shout to Ken McKain... All the APC writers, Shoes, TJD, I'm sure I'm missing a few, but, everyone has made this year enjoyable for me...

Mock 12.0 ~ Here goes... : )

1st ~ Sylvester Williams ~ DT~ NCS ~ Thanks to Ken McKain's recent article, he's made me a believer. Thanks to Southern Packers Fan's Link, I'm truly hoping that he falls to TT at #26...

2nd ~ Zach Ertz ~ TE ~ Stanford ~ With Jermichael Finley in the last year of his contract, and DL already addressed in this draft, TT grabs a real match-up nightmare, who can "really" catch the ball... Aaron Rodgers needs his weapons, and TT adds another one... AR is happy...

3rd ~ Travis Frederick ~ C ~ WISCONSIN ~ EDS may be the Packers starting Center come game #1, but, he is in the last year of his contract and Frederick falling to TT in the 3rd round is a perfect example of Need meeting Value...

4th ~ Aaron Dobson ~ WR ~ Marshall ~ While he may not be Randy Moss, he is the best WR prospect to come out of Marshall since Moss. TT grabs a tall receiver that has excellent focus. He may not possess burner speed, but, will make plays. Was hoping that Le'Veon Bell fell to us here but, no such luck... : (

5th ~ Chase Thomas ~ OLB ~ Stanford ~ TT can't pass up the value or his need to draft at least one LB in this draft.

5th Comp Pick ~ ~Joe Kruger ~ DE ~ TT can't believe his luck when he's staring Kruger in the face. This probably is the least likely of players falling through the cracks but, using Josh Norris's 7 Round Mock as a guide, I find it the Packers good fortune... : )

6th ~ Latavius Murray ~ RB ~ Central Florida ~ TT missed out on Bell in the 4th round and takes Murray probably a round too early, but, ends up with the RB he thinks the Packers need. (I expect TT to trade a few times this draft to get where he really wants to be, but, found it impossible to project!!! : )

7th ~ Robert Lester ~ Free Safety ~ Alabama ~ TT can't help adding a SEC run support Safety...

I can't wait to see who falls/rises come Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...

I wouldn't be terribly disappointed in this draft, but, I'm actually thinking that TT might be able to do better... : )

Which is why he gets paid the big bucks... Time will tell...

Go Pack Go!!!

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