Prospects I think would go well with Green and Gold

As a (very amateur) draft nerd, I've gotta say this draft strikes me as one with plenty of depth and few transcendent talents outside of maybe the top two offensive tackles (Fisher and Joeckel). There's no Andrew Luck or RG3 to draft this year; nearly every candidate after has significant dings of one sort or another. Beauty will very much be in the eyes of the beholders, and that's the sort of draft where the Packers might trade down a lot to pick up their idea of sleepers and developmental candidates.

I know much ink has been spilled over the offensive tackle position and the absence of someone to play next to Morgan Burnett in the secondary. That said, there are lots of developmental candidates on the roster already at both positions (about whose status the coaches and Ted surely know more than I). The Packers are relatively fortunate to have drafted for depth nearly across the board, and can truly continue to do so and target players they like at every position.

The two positions at which the cupboard remains quite bare are interior offensive line and outside linebacker. On the inside there are the three presumed starters (Lang, EDS, and Sittion) and a trio of UDFAs as the supporting players. At OLB, the picture is even more scarce, with CM3, Nick Perry, and Dezman Moses as the only three OLBs remaining from last year. While Brad Jones and Jamari Lattimore could re-re-convert outside, I don't see what they bring that Erik Walden didn't.

With that in mind, and with the Packers not having a shot at the top OLBs (or, very likely, the top interior linemen like Jonathan Cooper), here are some folks that I think would fit with what the Packers are seeking. All #s are based on the CBS Sports draft board, as of today.

OLB Jamie Collins (#59, late 2nd): It's hard to have too many potential pass-rushers, and Collins has all the tools to be a good one. He scores highly in the Football Outsiders SackSEER list this year.

HB LeVeon Bell (#73, early 3rd): This Packer administration seems to favor tall heavy backs, with DuJuan Harris being the only one not near or above 220lbs and 6'. The only early back fitting that profile is Bell, who tested well at the Combine in the shuttle and cone drills and moves well for a 230lb man. He and Harris would make quite the pair to alternate in a backfield.

C Brian Schwenke (#79, early 3rd): Ken McKain has already provided chapter and verse for this guy.

DE William Gholston (#84, mid 3rd): He's not Margus Hunt - which is both good and bad. He's not the freak athlete Hunt is, which I admit is not a good thing. OTOH, he's a lot younger, with his prime fully ahead of him. Second, he's been playing football for a long time and hopefully has the mental development that Hunt lacks as far as understanding the game. DE in the 3-4 isn't a playmaker position for most teams most of the time; getting a capable role-player is all the position requires. Gholston fits the mold and the bill for a tall tough DE who can be around for a while.

TE Vance McDonald (#89, late 3rd): I've been beating this drum for months. Finley's essentially gone after next year - either he'll explode and the Packers can't pay him, or he'll implode and the Packers won't want him. McDonald's 40 at the combine was faster than Eifert's, he's much stronger, and is already a better blocker than Finley will ever be and has the tools to be a hellacious blocker. I'd rather get McDonald in the 3rd than Eifert in the 1st, have a year's development as Finley's replacement, and spend the extra draft capital elsewhere.

OT David Quessenberry (#101, late 3rd-early 4th): Tex previewed this fellow, who I also like. Depth depth depth, not reaching for stars.

ILB AJ Klein (#109, mid 4th): I know, I know - the Packers have ILBs coming out their ears. Why bother? Because half of their top four at the position are coming off season-ending injuries and another quarter has never been a playmaker. Say what you will about the competition he faced, Klein was a playmaker in college. As a Wisconsin boy and good guy (from what I read), it would be a pick both for depth and for home-crowd appeal.

S TJ McDonald (#111, mid 4th): There are lots of tall TEs in the league these days, and I don't know how Jerron McMillan or MD Jennings are going to match up with guys who top them by six inches or more. McDonald is a tall fast safety who can play height to height with the Jimmy Grahams of the league, leaving Burnett to play single high or drop on a slot receiver. Again, like Eifert vs. TE McDonald, I don't know that the talent gap between a 1st round safety and a 3rd or 4th round safety is that high this year, and I'd rather have more bites at finding diamonds in the rough.

WR Chris Harper (#122, late 4th): He's a guy I've had my eye on for a while, and someone that Greg Cosell called out as a "joker" candidate for a scheme-diverse offense. Former QB, transitioned to WR - sounds a lot like Randall Cobb, except Harper is 6'1" 220. There are few corners (and few safeties) who will match up against a guy that size who moves like he does. Aaron Dobson is mentioned in the same breath, and is another good candidate to play outside in the near future.

FB Kyle Juszczyk (#123, late 4th): I've been hearing good things about this guy since the Senior Bowl. The Packers would use him as a younger cheaper John Kuhn.

DT Nicholas Williams (#161, late 5th): In the Packers scheme, he'd switch to DE. 6'5", 300lbs, benches 28 reps, runs a 4.8 40, long arms and got eight sacks as a DT in a year? Heck yes, I'll take him as a developmental 3-4 DE.

OLB David Bass (#174, mid 6th): Another small-school guy to develop at OLB, also favored by SackSEER.

HD Latavius Murray (#213, mid 7th): Big fast small-school halfback with good ball-handling. What the heck? It's the last few picks, why not? And if not him, perhaps Michael Hill, from David Bass' school, who has also visited the Packers.

NT Byron Jerideau (late 7th or undrafted): I saw this fellow at one of the lesser collegiate all-star games this winter and he was just blowing up the line of scrimmage play after play. He's already visited the Packers, and has exactly the sort of build and strength you want in a nose tackle: short, wide and beastly.

What folks are you all looking at outside of Round 1? :)

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