What if TT Crosses Us Up... Non-Conformist Draft Picks...

BradHTX commented on an article and it got me to thinking... While BradHTX is a relative new-comer to APC he reminded me that no matter what our perceived needs are, TT might very well cross us up? He brought up some interesting points in his comment and I thought I might run with it, so to speak...

Since this isn't your average Mock Draft, I might as well include a trade. Some Expert Mocks have the Jacksonville Jaguars taking Dion Jordan with the second overall pick in the 2013 Draft... Let's assume for the sake of argument that that is true, but, the Jaguars still aren't willing to go into the season with Blaine Gabbert at QB. So, as the first round flies by, Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson, Mike Glennon, Ryan Nassib, and Matt Barkley are all possible targets of the Jaguars at the top of the second round. Yet what if Geno Smith starts to fall? Or there is a run on QB's that seems unforeseeable?

Jacksonville finds themselves calling Ted Thompson, knowing he'll be more than happy to take their 2nd and 3rd round picks for his #26th pick in the draft. Yes... It's far fetched, but, not out of the realm of possibility. With the 33rd pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers Select:

33rd ~ 2nd Round ~ Cordarrelle Patterson ~WR~ 6'3" 205 Tennesse ~ WR might not be a perceived need of the Green Bay Packers, but, with the departure of Greg Jennings, TT can't pass on a top flight WR like Patterson. NFP Rankings have him ranked at 33, and CBS Rankings have him ranked at 12.

55th ~ 2nd Round ~ Kiko Alonso ~OLB~ 6'4" 242 Oregon ~ OLB isn't necessarily a need, we've spent two 1st rounders at the position. Kiko ALonso is too talented and has too high a ceiling for TT to ignore, and at 55 he can't pass him up. NFP has him ranked at 55, CBS has him ranked 105 overall... Quite the disparity...

64th ~ 3rd Round ~ Travis Frederick ~C~ 6'4" 338 Wisconsin ~ EDS may well be the Packers Center this year, but, who is to say TT isn't drafting for the future? NFP has him ranked at 72, CBS has him ranked 56th.

88th ~ 3rd Round ~ Jordan Reed ~TE~ 6'3" 243 Florida ~ This isn't a need pick, it's a pick for the future, which TT is famous for. NFP has him ranked at 92, CBS has him ranked 109.

122nd ~ 4th Round ~ Le'Veon Bell ~RB~ 6'2" 244 Michigan State ~ RB is a perceived need, and while NFP Rankings have him at 154, I chose to draft him a little early to make sure we got him. : ) CBS has him ranked 117.

159th ~ 5th Round ~ Jonathan Jenkins ~NT~ 6'3" 358 Georgia ~ NFP has him ranked at 162, which I think is criminal, yet, for the purpose of this draft, it works out well for the Green Bay Packers. CBS has him ranked 74th.

167th ~ (5th Round Comp Pick) ~ Logan Ryan ~CB~ 6'0" 190 Rutgers ~ NFP has him ranked at 178, and CBS has him at 86. Can never have too many young CB's.

193rd ~ 6th Round ~ Jon Bostic ~ILB~ 6'1" 246 Florida ~ NFP has him ranked at 258, and CBS has him at 123. Special Teams, and maybe develop into a starter.

232nd ~ 7th Round ~ Montori Hughes ~DT~ 6'4" 330 Tennesse-Martin ~ NFP has him ranked as the 259th... CBS has him rated 140th... TT sees the value and gets another developmental DE, which we can never have too many of.

While no mock draft can please all the people, and I imagine TT's ranking differ greatly from NFP & CBS, it is fun to speculate. I'm sure our draft won't be anything like this, but, I wouldn't be disappointed if it were even semi-close.

Go Pack Go

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