UDFA Breakdown

The draft has passed us, and now we all need some info on some of the players we likely haven't heard of before. I missed some UDFAs.

Also we're bored...

Breakin' it down like some Stone Cold glass.

Andy Mulumba: 6'4" 260 lbs DE/OLB at Eastern Michigan



He's from the Congo! He started playing football "late" (10th grade), but he was considered one of the top prospects for the CFL draft, and came it at #2 by Winnipeg. If you want a recent comparison he is akin to Margus Hunt out of SMU. Raw, though I wouldn't say his ceiling is obviously higher than Hunt's. He also speaks four languages. If OLB wasn't as strapped for depth I'd say his shot of making the team was lower, but given that there are only three "vets" on the team, (Matthews, Perry, Moses) it's likely he might make the roster even with Nate Palmer (Illinois State) being drafted this year. All the current listed OLBs are DE converts including Mike Neal, though I suspect Neal probably won't be an OLB coming into the season. I'd do a So'oto joke, or a Moses joke, but simply writing the previous parts means the job is done.

Jake Stoneburner: 6' 4" 250 lbs TE Ohio State



Another candidate to make the roster. While in recent years the TEs have been stacked, Finley's contract ends this season and he hasn't exactly inspired confidence from #12, right or wrong. Quarless is back after a horrifying injury, but he's had a season off of football. D.J. Williams hasn't been the force the team was hoping for, and Tom "Twitter" Crabtree is gone. That doesn't leave as much depth as one would like. Enter Jake Stoneburner; high school WR, college TE. He's one of those "tweeners" analysts hate until proven wrong and then it's some godsend quality. Urban Meyer kept going on how he was a top 100 prospect. Let's hope he's correct.

Angelo Pease: 5' 11" 215 RB lbs Kansas State

Jordy Nelson did not play with him at K. State. If this were last year, I would say he a had a shot to make the team. Green was recovering, Grant was gone, Starks was injured, but then Cedric Benson got signed. One season later, Benson is NOT (you heard it here kids) going to be signed, and we're talking about cutting one, or (unlikely) two of these people. Starks is likely on the chopping block. I am not going to forget about Dujuan Harris, who showed flashes of talent in his few games, but the picks of Lacy and Franklin probably gave the rest of the backs pause. There's not a great deal of info on him. He did play as the "Wildcat" QB at K. State and McCarthy said he confused him for Lacy during a practice. That could be good thing for him, or a really bad thing for Lacy. Let's assume the best. Seriously the last 1000 yard rusher was Grant?

Matt Brown: 6' 4" 220 lbs QB Illinois State

Here's where it gets interesting. He's one of three players taken from a single non-division I school. Nate Palmer and fellow player S Ben Ericksen (didn't pass physical, thanks for reminding me Tex) all came from Illinois State. Apparently UW-W and its 13 awesome bars were too much for Thompson and his crew to take in. There's not a lot of info on this guy. He was probably scouted by default because Palmer was being looked at. He did throw for over, get this, 2000 yards in four consecutive seasons. Yeah, you or I probably couldn't do it, but we're mean and this is football. It would be a longshot for him to make the team given that B.J. Coleman (upside) and Graham Harrell (experience?) have advantages over him.

Patrick Lewis: 6' 2" 312 lbs C Texas A&M

The only A&M game I saw last year was the triumph over Alabama. That said I don't recall too much about the o-line play. Here's the skinny: he used to play guard, and then was moved to center. Given the lack of depth at C, maybe on the P.S.?

Gilbert Pena: 6' 4" 317 lbs DT Ole Miss

Again, I have no idea what he really did at Oxford. Started seven times at NT and had two sacks. Still he's not big enough to be a NT in the NFL. With Josh Boyd drafted in the 5th round of out Mississippi State, it's unlikely he'll make the roster given his competition.

Lane Taylor: 6' 3" 324 lbs G OKS

Not much here. Competition guy at best. Grew 30 lbs from freshman year to current year. The Big XII isn't exactly the greatest defensive conference in the world, so expect his time in GB to be short unless he has a stellar preseason and camp.

Jeremy Vujnovich: 6' 1" 5 290 lbs OT Louisiana College


Myles White: 6' 1" 182 lbs WR LA-Tech

Played in the dying, or dead WAC conference. A 4.42 dash. He transferred from Michigan State, from what I assume is due to playing time. Perhaps he left because Kirk Cousins departed, but I don't have any real info on that. Even with the losses of Driver and Jennings, he still has to steal spots from Ross, who has PR/KS skills, and Boykin, who made the team last year despite fan suppositions. He'll have to prove his worth against Ken Dorsey (7th) and Charles Johnson (7th) to make the team.

James Winchester: 6' 3" 210 lbs LS OKS

Apparently Brett isn't that "Goode" anymore. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Seriously, why? Maybe he's going to play some other position. There is zero info on this guy.

Devin Willis: 6' 0" 178 lbs CB N. Arizona

There is Sam Shields. There is Tramon Williams. There is Casey Hayward. There is Davon House. There is Loyce Means. There is "He-who-shall-not-be-named". There is Micah Hyde. Perhaps they are seeing if he can be a WR, or some sort of special teams guy. Either way, he is undersized as an NFL player.

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