Packers Training Camp 2013: APC's Camp Preview Schedule


APC breaks down our schedule for previewing Packers' training camp.

Today is July 5th, which means that there are exactly three weeks until the first practice of the Green Bay Packers' 2013 Training Camp. As such, we will have a number of preview articles breaking down the roster in advance of the start of camp. Today we'll give you an idea of what to expect from us over the next few weeks and how we are going to address the start of camp.

We at Acme Packing Company have each put together our pre-training camp predictions for the 53-man roster, to be announced on August 31st. We will be combining these predictions to generate a consensus APC prediction for the roster, which will be discussed on a position-by-position basis. Each weekday between Monday and July 25th (when Packers players report to camp) we will take on a different position with two articles:

1. Self-Scouting - a discussion of the players at the position, complete with a look at their college background, the circumstances of their selection by the Packers, and anything we may have learned from minicamp and OTAs.

2. Prediction - we will announce our predictions for the players at that position who will make the final 53-man roster.

The schedule is broken down as follows:

Date Position Self-Scouting Prediction
Monday, 7/8 Quarterbacks LINK LINK
Tuesday, 7/9 Running Backs LINK LINK
Wednesday, 7/10 Wide Receivers LINK LINK
Thursday, 7/11 Tight Ends LINK LINK
Friday, 7/12 Offensive Tackles LINK LINK
Monday, 7/15 Guards/Centers LINK LINK
Tuesday, 7/16 Defensive Linemen LINK LINK
Wednesday, 7/17 Outside Linebackers LINK LINK
Thursday, 7/18 Inside Linebackers LINK LINK
Friday, 7/19 Safeties LINK LINK
Monday, 7/22 Cornerbacks LINK LINK
Tuesday, 7/23 Specialists LINK LINK
Wednesday, 7/24 Final 53-man roster prediction N/A LINK

So that is the bulk of what you can look forward to for the upcoming weeks as we get ready for training camp. We look forward to finding out where you agree or disagree with us on our roster predictions, and we're all excited for real practices to begin!

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