My reaction to the Seattle preseason game.

I have done this for the last two preseason games as well, but it was suggested I try it in a Fanpost. So here goes!

I realize it is just preseason, and the games don't count, but I really wanted to win this one. I wanted the Packers to show something. Heck, I thought EVERYONE wanted to win this game. Everyone, except apparently Mike McCarthy. I understand why he did what he did, but pulling Aaron Rodgers after one series effectively forfeited the game. The defense played really well and kept the game interesting, but the Packers had essentially no chance to come out on top. Apparently McCarthy believes the teams is really good and doesn't need a lot of live game action practice to be ready for the regular season. Let's hope he is right, otherwise all the evaluation he is getting on backups isn't going to amount to anything.

Anyhow, here is who flashed to me.

The Good:

Tim Masthay: The "Ginger Wolverine" is in mid-season form.

Jarrett Boykin: Another solid performance.

Vince Young: During the broadcast Phil Simms stated that there is "no way" VY could be the Packers backup. To that I say, why not? We all know if A-Rod goes down the Packers are essentially screwed anyhow. So would you rather have no chance of winning with Graham Harrell running a more complicated version of the offense, or a slight chance of winning with Vince Young running a scaled down version of the offense? I know what my vote is!

Jerron McMillian: At least he is still trying to put up a fight against Jennings for the starting safety spot.

Casey Hayward: Practice? We don't need no stinkin' practice!

Davon House: Solid if not spectacular.

Chris Banjo: This guy is first up if Morgan Burnett gets hurt? Really? I'm not sure if that says more about Banjo's upside or more about the lack of depth the team has at safety. However, he did play well.

Micah Hyde: Not necessarily a step up, but certainly not a step back either. A lot can be said for consistency.

Brandon Smith: Welcome back! Thought you had left us!

Jonathan Amosa: Still not sure we actually need a FB, but well done tonight young man.

Nate Palmer: Not sure there is room for him on the roster, but he may just be a good player.

Nick Perry: Much, much better.

Dezman Moses: Also, better.

Terrell Manning: Don't worry kid, the "commish" will have QB's wearing red jerseys all season long here in a couple of years, so you won't have to deal with stupid rules and penalties like that anymore.

Brad Jones: Keep playing like that the whole season please!

Andrew Quarless: Welcome back!

Jordan Miller: So the guy does know how to play football. Huh.

Datone Jones: Here's to many more healthy games in the future!

C.J.Wilson: I had written you off, but keep playing like that and the Packers will gladly keep you.

The Bad:

Graham Harrell: I have no words left. See "Vince Young" above.

DuJuan Harris: Please, please don't be the next James Starks!

Eddie Lacy: I chose to put Lacy here because some of his bad runs were his fault, but frankly, once the Packers put Harrell in, the Seabags loaded the box up because they had no respect for the QB.

Loyce Means: Did he do anything right tonight?

Jake Stoneburner: The fumble was just AWFUL!

Robert Francois: Has been really solid through the preseason, but you can't let easy interceptions like that go through your hands!

Greg Van Roten: Last week too low. This week too high. Getting better though.

Tyrone Walker: Are you still on the team? Where did you go??

Jermichael Finley: The TD catch would have been a tough one, but the other drop was an easy catch.

One more to go and then the fun begins!

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