The final preseason game and my final roster.

Well thankfully the preseason is over, and the real football can start! Not much to say about this game other than what we have been saying all preseason. After the starters (who basically did not play tonight) the offense was morbid, the defense as a whole was pretty darn good and Crosby made a couple of kicks. Aaron Rodgers got 45 snaps this preseason, and some starters due to injury, got even less. Was that enough? We will find out in a few days.

Not many flashes from players this week, but I got a few.

The Good:

Chris Banjo: I'll give him a spot on the 53.

Sam Barrington: An absolute missile for a sack/safety! I was almost asleep at that point, and he woke me up.

Johnathan Franklin: He isn't there as a RB yet, but he made the team as a special teams player tonight.

Tim Masthay: Preseason MVP, especially after that tackle!

Jordan Miller: I will admit I had written him off early in training camp, but a sack two games in a row, makes me think he has a chance.

Jeremy Ross: Probably makes the team as a returner anyway, but had a nice night receiving.

Ryan Taylor: Heck of a catch!

Tramon Williams: Welcome back!!

The Bad:

B.J. Coleman: 'Nuff said.

Andrew Datko: Not good at all. With Newhouse able to play both tackle spots, I'm not sure Datko makes even the PS anymore.

Jamari Lattimore: Thought he took a step forward last week, but this week, again, he makes me believe he isn't a good enough tackler to play inside.

Brandon Smith: Great pick, but the two TD's he gave up were pretty ugly for different reasons.

Tyrone Walker/ Myles White: Gotta hang on to the ball boys!

Vince Young: Probably unfair to put him here, but I was hoping to see a little improvement.

O-Line: Last week, the broadcasters said that they were told that the Packers are happy with their backup O-Line, and that they thought they hadn't had this good of one in years. Now that the preseason is done, I find that really hard to believe.

And now for my 53 man roster and practice squad. This is part prediction and part the team I would like to have if I was GM/Head Coach. Obviously it's just for fun and discussion. This does not take into account any kicker change, possible trades (does anyone believe that any team would really trade for Bostick?), surprise IR placements or anything else unforeseen.


QB: Rodgers, Young

RB: Lacy, Franklin, Starks, Green

FB: John Kuhn

WR: Nelson, Jones, Cobb, Boykin, Ross

TE: Finley, Quarless, Mulligan, Taylor

OL: Bakhtiari, Barclay, EDS, Lang, Newhouse, Sitton, Taylor, Van Roten

DL: Daniels, Jolly, Jones, Miller, Pickett, Raji, Wilson

ILB: Hawk, Jones, Francois, Manning, Barrington

OLB: Matthews, Moses, Palmer, Perry

DL/OLB: Mike Neal

CB: Hayward, House, Hyde, Shields, Williams

S: Burnett, McMillian, Jennings, Banjo

K: Crosby

P: Masthay

LS: Goode

Practice Squad: Bostick, Boyd, Coleman, Datko, Johnson, Lewis, Mulumba, Stoneburner

I tried to cut Kuhn, as I don't believe we need a FB, but I don't think the Packers believe anyone else can be as good of a 3rd down pass protector right now. I always cut Jarrett Bush, but he always makes the team, so no guarantee there. I picked Terrell Manning over Lattimore simply because the Packers value their draft picks more than any other team, and I loved Barrington too much. By the same reasoning I kept Palmer over Mulumba. Only kept 5 WR's but I could easily see them keeping Walker. Depending on the health of Mulligan, and a couple of other things, Bostick could easily make the 53 as well. I kept a lot of DL but this is the deepest we have been in ages at D-Line, so why get rid of any? I hope Banjo is "playing" us into the Super Bowl! Obviously the practice squad is very fluid, so predicting it is nearly impossible. Assuming any of those guys are picked up by other teams, I would also be willing to sign Brandon Smith, Myles White, and Donte Savage to the PS.

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