Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 18, 2013

Tim Masthay is deep in thought - Ronald Martinez

There's no theme to today's curds, just randomness that starts with a punter kicking off and ends with an Avenue Q reference.

Happy hump day, everybody!We should have our first injury report of the week this afternoon, which should give us some indication of how Eddie Lacy is progressing through the concussion protocol. Until then, we have the best in random Packers news from around the internet today. Usually there's some sort of theme or common thread on these links, but not today! Enjoy the random smattering of news and check back later in the day for a Lacy update.

Packers' Tim Masthay, new to kickoffs, aims for end-zone seats - JSOnline
I'm loving this attitude, and the Ginger Wolverine certainly has the leg to get the ball there.

The Drill: Playing it safe - JSOnline
Here are some stats about football's strangest scoring play - the safety.

Bengals D should provide truer picture of run game | Packersnews
I agree with Pete that this week will be a much bigger test. With good pass-rushers all around that Cincinnati front seven, the running game should be a focus this week.

Week 2 playing time breakdown - ESPN
Here's your snap breakdown from Sunday's game. Some big things to note: look at the starting D-linemen's reps. Hopefully a thorough rotation will help everyone stay fresh this season.

Jones focuses on 'marathon,' not start - ESPN Wisconsin
Here's a nice look at Datone Jones' early struggles and why it's not time to start worrying about his production yet.

NFL players of the week: Aaron Rodgers headlines this week's top players -
Not a shocker, but could it really have been anyone else in week 2?

The post-mortem, Week 2: Old kickers, young punters and airport sushi -
"Time of Death: Ten seconds before halftime, when James Jones lost a fumble that bounced off the pylon, resulting in a touchback for Washington. That pylon was arguably the first half MVP for the Redskins, which is probably why they trailed 24-0."

Fumblr, Week 2: Welcome to the NFL's nightmare lounge -
Schianofreude: happiness at the misfortune of others (specifically the Buccaneers' coach)? That IS German!

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