Week by Week, Playoff, and Super Bowl predictions by yours truly

Week 1 @ San Francisco 49’rs- This game will be a litmus test for the Packers, and one that I am particularly looking forward to. I expect to see a much more physical defense and running game. Unfortunately, I think the 49’rs squeak out a close one, but the Packers will earn our respect and more importantly earn the 49’rs respect. L 24-27 (0-1)

Week 2 Washington Redskins- I will be attending this game, and I expect a shootout. I think the Packers will have a tough time containing RG3, but Washington will have no chance stopping Rodgers. I can’t wait to celebrate the first Packers win of 2013 at the home opener. W 38-33 (1-1)

Week 3 @ Cincinnatti Bengals- I don’t get why the Bengals are the sexy pick to go to the Super Bowl. Sure, they are tough on defense and have A.J. Green, but I guess I am just not sold on them being part of the elite because I don’t think Dalton is elite. That being said, the Packers will face a very stiff test. For as much as week 2 was a barn burner, this one has the looks of a slugfest. W 17-13 (2-1)

Week 4- BYE

Week 5 Detroit Lions- It will be interesting to see how the Lions play the first four weeks, but right now, I think they will be much improved from last year. I don’t see them coming into Lambeau and winning, but I do think it will be waaayy to close for comfort. W 27-24 overtime (3-1)

Week 6 @ Baltimore Ravens- I think the Ravens defense will be really good, but I also think their offense will be mediocre. I’m not a big believer in Joe Flacco, and the loss of Boldin and Pitta will really hurt this offense. So another Packers win on the road? Actually, I think Mason Crosby misses a game winner and Ravens squeak out a victory. L 21-23 (3-2)

Week 7 Cleveland Browns- The Browns will be a tough out this year, but I think the Packers get rolling in this one and kind of blow them out. The Browns will score some points in the second half, but it won’t ever really be close. W 35-17 (4-2)

Week 8 @ Minnesota Vikings- I have the next two games circled on my calendar because I think they will be huge swing games for the Packer’s season. If they can win both of these games, they will be in the driver’s seat to win the division. If they lose both, they will be fighting for the last wild card spot. Personally, I think Ponder will have a rough year, Peterson will come back down to "earth" (aka 1600 yards rushing and only his regular 125 yards against the Packers), and the Packers win relatively easily. W 28-14 (5-2)

Week 9 Chicago Bears- The second of the important swing games, I think the Bears will be tied to the fortunes of Jay Cutler. The Packers have always had Cutler’s number, and I don’t see that changing. As Woodson put it, he’s the same old Jay. W 23-13 (6-2)

Week 10 Philadelphia Eagles- I think if the Packers were playing Chip Kelly’s offense in the first few weeks, we might have a problem. But, I think the Packers will have seen enough film to make the necessary adjustments. Mike Vick will have some sort of broken body part, and the Packers have their second blow out of the year. W 31-14 (7-2)

Week 11 @ New York Giants- By this time at 7-2, all of us fans are starting to see fuzzy warm pictures of Rodgers hoisting another Lombardi trophy. The Giants will snap us back to reality. We don’t get truck sticked by a more physical team anymore, but Eli Manning performs a clutch fourth quarter drive to win by a field goal. L 24-27 (7-3)

Week 12 Minnesota Vikings- I think this game will be a tougher game for the Packers because the Vikings will be trying to reach .500 and keep their playoff hopes alive. Up to this point, I don’t think we have a 100 yard rusher. But this week, Eddie Lacy churns out 120 yards on the ground and we beat the Vikings at their own game in a black and blue slugfest. W 21-17 (8-3)

Week 13 @ Detroit Lions- Playing the Lions on Thanksgiving after a tough game against the Vikings does not sound promising…at all. Seriously, I think the Packers get their doors beaten in a little bit. After shutting Calvin Johnson down for the most part in the first game, he takes Tramon Williams lunch for 150 yards and 2 tds. L 21-35 (8-4)

Week 14 Atlanta Falcons- This will be a really fun game to watch. A dome team coming to Lambeau in the winter? I love it. I think Eddie Lacy really start to show his value to this football team. Rodgers will blaze through the Falcon’s secondary, and Lacy will punch them out late in the third quarter. Packers with a statement win. W 28-17 (9-4)

Week 15 @ Dallas Cowboys- Every year we hear about how the Cowboys have figured it out, Romo is more focused, and they end up 8-8 and missing the playoffs. I don’t know why I should expect any different this year. W 27-21 (10-4)

Week 16 Pittsburgh Steelers- I think the Steelers will be a much improved team from last year. Big Ben will return to being Big Ben, and the Steelers will be leading the AFC North. The Packers and Steelers play a low scoring, nasty, defensive game that the Packers can’t quite pull out. Even though they lose, you get the feeling the Packers are starting to put everything together. L 17-20 (10-5)

Week 17 @ Chicago Bears- This game be a huge game. Cutler and the 9-6 Bears will be fighting to get into the playoffs, but once again Cutler throws 2 costly interceptions. Rodgers, uncharacteristically also turns the ball over several times, but the Packers defense and Eddie Lacy power the Packers a third consecutive NFC North Title and knock the Bears out of the playoffs. W 13-6 (11-5)


1. Packers 11-5

2. Bears 9-7

3. Lions 9-7

4. Vikings 7-9

NFC Playoff Seedings AFC Playoff Seedings

1. Atlanta Falcons 1. Houston Texans

2. San Francisco 49’rs 2. Denver Broncos

3. Green Bay Packers 3. Pittsburgh Steelers

4. New York Giants 4. New England Patriots

5. New Orleans Saints 5. Cincinnatti Bengals

6. Seattle Seahawks 6. Kansas City Chiefs



3. Green Bay Packers vs. 6. Seattle Seahawks- Green Bay Packers

4.New York Giants vs. 5. New Orleans Saints- New Orleans Saints


3. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. 6. Kansas City Chiefs- Kansas City Chiefs

4.New England Patriots vs. 5. Cincinnati Bengals- New England Patriots



1. Atlanta Falcons vs. 5. New York Giants- New York Giants

2. San Francisco 49’rs vs. 3 Green Bay Packers- Green Bay Packers


1.Houston Texans vs. 6. Kansas City Chiefs- Houston Texans

2. Denver Broncos vs. 4. New England Patriots- New England Patriots



3. Green Bay Packers vs. 5. New York Giants- Green Bay Packers

1.Houston Texans vs. 4. New England Patriots- New England Patriots


Green Bay Packers vs. New England Patriots


Please feel free to make any comments below. The season week by week picks are actually what I think will happen, and the playoffs are more what would happen if I had a magic wand and could pick all the matchups-- so don't hate to hard.

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