Post Playoff Loss Mock Draft ~ We need Defense!! Pass Rushers!!

I am not proud of it, but I just spent 4 hours on They have an "ON THE CLOCK Mock Draft Simulator..." Their "Big Board" doesn't jive with everyone else's, but it is very interesting. I ran at least 8 simulations and we got some great football players in each simulation. If I knew anything about spread sheets and the like, I would compare all these simulations and do some wicked "Math" computation shyt, but alas, I'm terrible with that stuff... : )

Suffice it to say, I am sure that the 32 GM "Big Boards" look much different than, but the good news is, we still get a shot at #21, #53, #85, #117, #149, # 181, and #213, to pick the best players we can find. (Plus any comp picks that are awarded. : )

My favorite simulation was my last. I took the top rated player left in each of the 1st five rounds. In the sixth round I took a flyer on a Height/Weight/Speed rusher, and the 7th round I took a Height/Weight/Speed guy at CB... I haven't addressed my biggest desire of acquiring an excellent ILB'er prospect, but I am seriously happy with this draft if this is how it turned out. In fact, I was happy with all 8 simulations. At, the Big Board is updated, with players who are rising or falling, by noon every Tuesday... I will be checking on Tuesday to see if there are many changes.

We all know that this team needs defense. We need bigger, stronger, faster at several positions. As I said before, I just took the highest rated player on the board in the first 5 rounds, so if TT has some luck, his decisions could be as easy as mine were...

1st Round ~ 21st pick: NT Stephon Tuitt ~ Notre Dame ~ Jr. 6'6" 312lbs 4.89 40 time. Rated 22 CBS.

2nd Round ~ 53rd pick: TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins ~ Washington ~ Jr. 6'6" 266lbs 4.75 40 time. Rated 40 CBS.

3rd Round ~ 85th pick: OLB Jackson Jeffcoat ~ TEXAS ~ Sr. 6'5" 250lbs 4.78 40 time. Rated 75 by CBS.

4th Round ~ 117th pick: FS Dion Bailey ~ USC ~ Jr. 6'0" 210lbs No 40 Time Available ~ Rated 109 by CBS

5th Round ~ 149th pick: CB Terrance Mitchell ~ Oregon ~ Jr. 6'0" 190lbs No 40 Time ~ Rated 82 by CBS

6th Round ~ 181st pick: OLB Aaron Lynch ~ USF ~ Sophomore ~ 6'5" 244lbs 4.76 40 time. Rated 133 by CBS.

7th Round ~ 213th pick: CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste ~ Nebraska ~ 6'2" 220lbs 4.56 40 time. Rated 147 by CBS.

I love in the comments when guys say, "There is no-way so-and-so will be there when we pick." That very well may be, but someone will be available, because the seachicks, 8'ers, and pats can't draft them all. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was available in all but 2 of my simulations. Amaro was available in several. Nix was available in 3 of the 8 simulations.

If you have 30 minutes to blow, go to and run your own simulation and see they can't draft them all. As of right now, Calvin Prior was available in the 3rd round 6 of 8 simulations, but a decent pass rushing OLB like Jeffcoat was my pick in this go-around.

I realize things will change after the East/West Shrine Game, Sr. Bowl, and Combine, but for right now, I'll take this draft anyday...

Go Pack Go!

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