Pimp My Defense Mock

Packers Re-sign

Sam Shields


Mike Neal

Ryan Pickett- 1 yr deal

John Kuhn- 1 year deal

Andrew Quarless

Jamari Lattimore

Chris Banjo


BJ Raji

James Jones

CJ Wilson



MD Jennings




Jolly (may sign if healthy)

STRATEGY: Address safety issue with an NFL caliber starting safety in free agency and address defensive line depth in FA as well. In the draft, get faster playmakers early at LB , the most important position on the defense. Add depth at DB, WR, TE, and d-line.

Free Agent Signings

Chris Clemons, Safety (Miami)- a safety who can cover and should be able to be signed at a reasonable price.

Tony McDaniel, DE (Seattle)- long body that can add depth with loss of Raji and Jolly.

Terrence Cody, NT (Baltimore)-a good run stuffer that will replace Pickett as run stuffing NT in starting lineup.


1st Round(21) CJ Moseley, ILB, Bama - Packers get a playmaking ILB they sorely need.

2nd Round(21) Dee Ford, OLB, Auburn- Athletic pass rushing OLB to pair with Clay.

Trade up- Packers trade their 3(21) and 4(21) to Cleveland for 3(7)

3rd Round(7) Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood- Big, athletic CB who will replace Tramon in a year.

4th Round (comp) Kenny Ladler, S, Vandy- First Team All-SEC safety who creates turnovers (wouldn't that be a change!) and has a ton of experience. Will provide an instant upgrade in depth at FS behind Clemons.

5th Round(21) Crockett Gillmore, TE, Colorado State- a tall pass catching TE who has improved his blocking as a senior. A big red zone target for Aaron.

5th Round(comp) Ryan Grant, WR, Tulane - he will fall because he may not have the breakout speed, but neither did Jordy or Jones coming out of college. This guy knows how to get open, has decent size, and good hands. A Packer type player. How can he not be with that name?

6th Round(21) Jay Bromley, DT, Syracuse - he has a 6-7th round grade by a lot of sites, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is a second day pick. He has good size and had nine sacks as an interior lineman and also plays the run pretty well.

7th Round(21) Zack Kerr, NT, Delaware - big body guy who can be put on the practice squad for a year and then play next year when Pickett retires or can be called up if there is an injury to one of the nose tackles.

Projected Roster

Offense (24)

QB(2)- Rodgers Backup (BU): Tolzien

RB(4) - Starter: Lacy BU: Harris, Franklin, Kuhn, Orwin Smith or rookie FA

WR(5) - Nelson, Cobb, Boykin BU: Grant, Harper/Gillett/White

TE(5) - Quarless, BU: Gillmore, Taylor, Bostick, Stoneburner

OL(8) - EDS, Sitton, Lang, Bulaga, Bakhtiari, Backup: Sherrod, Barclay, Tretter

Defense (26)

DL(7) - Daniels, Cody, Pickett, Jones, Worthy, Boyd, McDaniel/Bromley

ILB(5)- Moseley, Hawk BU: Jones, Lattimore, Barrington

OLB(4) Matthews, Perry/Ford BU: Neal, Ford/Perry

CB(5)- Shields, Williams, Hayward BU: Desir, House

S (5)- Starters: Burnett, Clemons BU: Ladler, Hyde, Richardson/Banjo

ST- Crosby, Goode, Masthay

Okay, now go ahead and beat me up about this! Go Pack!

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