Julius Peppers is this a good signing?

Greetings Packer fans? This time I'm not here for any jabs or anything. It's offseason so let's save them for the regular season I say. What I really want to know is what you really think about the signing of Julius Peppers? It's no secret he is one of the most dominating defensive ends to play the game. He gave the Carolina Panthers plenty of great plays and then continued that tradition with the Bears. When we first signed him I wondered why did Carolina let him leave so I checked their message boards. I wasn't surprised to see the love the city had for him, what I was surprised at was the amount of fans echoing a similar statement "he doesn't give his all". Really? As dominating as this man was season in and season out they say he doesn't give his full effort? Wow. I chalked it up to fans hurt that their best player and for some their favorite player leaving the team.

Obviously I watched him in Chicago and what I saw should have surprised me but it didn't. I saw what looked like JP disappearing in games, not because he couldn't beat lineman it looked like he chose not to beat lineman. At the time I justified it in my mind as "oh he is tired because our defense is on the field so much" but in truth I was witnessing what so many panthers fans had voiced before, he wasn't trying. No! Not a pro bowl defensive lineman, not 6'7 almost 300 lb Julius Peppers. The guy's a freak of nature his combination of size, speed, and power was only dwarfed by his tendency to take plays off.

This isn't hate, this isn't upset of the loss of a great player I'm actually rather excited he got a chance to go to a team who are consistent winners even if it is the rival packers. Thing is though you can google Julius peppers and Jon Beason if you want to see reasons why the panthers didn't want him back. You can google peppers and see him being criticized for taking plays off. It seems to be a pattern with him.

Ross Tucker on Julius Peppers Former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker said "But he could have been so much more. He could have been a once-in-a-generation dominator, a first ballot Hall of Famer who we'd talk about for years to come.

Now, such an end appears unlikely. His career has been marked by good seasons and bad seasons, big games and games where he was nowhere to be found. That's because Peppers is so gifted, he has gotten away with taking off more than his share of plays."

That was back in 2010, it's being hinted at now that this is the reason the bears made no attempt to restructure his contract. Peppers release about more than just money

"What the Bears desperately needed from Peppers was a max-effort every single week to carry a defense that was reeling for virtually the entire second half of the season. They didn’t get it. It simply wasn’t there — for whatever reason, or reasons — and suddenly, like it or not, Peppers had gone from a linchpin of a defense to a player not to be counted on every week. A paragon of consistency was all of a sudden precisely the opposite.

...But if Peppers has a return to greatness in 2014 — best guess here is 12 sacks for the year — he may qualify for some comeback player of the year award. He will also cast a little more of a shadow over his 2013 season and qualify for a dubious distinction of being someone his teammates ultimately couldn’t count on when they needed him most."

Do you believe 7.5 million guaranteed is worth a 34 year old player known for taking plays off?

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