Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for March 20, 2014

Curds is back with breakdowns of Julius Peppers' game.

The Green Bay Packers' signing of former Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers has been receiving mixed reactions lately from NFL writers and scouts. In today's curds, we'll take a look at some of these reactions, as well as examine what Peppers' new position coach thinks of him from the time they shared with the Carolina Panthers.

Also, we've got a celebrated former Packers General Manager supporting the current one's strategy, and a look at a big stack of cash that the Packers just paid out to a few players.

Finally, remember that today is the first day of the NCAA basketball tournament (sorry, teams that played in the "First Four", your games still don't really count much). Head over to the FanPost section and get your bracket submitted in our APC Bracket Pool.

Opinions split on if Julius Peppers will regain dominant form for Packers | JSOnline
The whole "hot-and-cold motor" issue is addressed, but David Bakhtiari also talks about how Peppers' quickness can be an asset rushing from the inside against guards who are used to blocking bigger, slower defensive tackles.

Ron Wolf endorses the Ted Thompson approach | JSOnline
"If they're complaining about the Packers, then that's ridiculous. How could you complain? Three straight divisions. How could you whine about that? It's not by style points. It's by wins or losses." Preach, Ron.

Trgovac has always praised Peppers while with Packers | ESPN Wisconsin
Peppers playing under his old D-line coach and defensive coordinator from his Panthers days excites me, and you can see Mike Trogvac drawing some parallels to Datone Jones.

Green Bay Packers trio received early-year roster bonuses - ESPN
No biggie, the Packers just paid $16 million to three players this week. Aaron Rodgers got over half of that, while Clay Matthews and Morgan Burnett got the rest.

Packers could get involved with Hester | ESPN
Not unless his asking price drops massively. Devin Hester is reported to want $4 million per year. That's more than James Jones got, and Hester didn't even play a single snap on offense a year ago.

How to Afford Bryan Bulaga? Make Him a Right Tackle, of Course | Cheesehead TV
Seems legit.

The Notebook: Greg Robinson is coming to take your lunch money -
And if this were the era of the old CBA, he would be coming all of your other money, too.

NFL free agency a value test for running backs -
Ouch. James Starks isn't even worthy of mention in this article?

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