It's 1987 and the Packers opt not to draft Brent Fullwood

So, what if that actually happened? What if the 87 draft went differently? We had the 4th overall pick and went with a guy who fumbles on the 2 yard line.

Here's my ideal scenario. (Yes, I'm very bored at work).

As he chose not to sign with a team after the 1986 draft, Bo Jackson's name gets put back into the draft. The Packers, realizing that he may be a hot commodity, draft Jackson in the 1st. Jackson is intrigued by the small-town environment that feels just like a colder version of his hometown Bessemer, Alabama. Bo eventually falls in love with the plentiful hunting and fishing opportunities that Wisconsin allows to him.

The 1987 season begins with a game against the LA Raiders. It was rumored that the Raiders' eccentric owner Al Davis had his eye on Jackson, but wanted to make a splash by drafting him late. He had a bone to pick with Green Bay.

Too bad.

On the opening drive, QB Randy Wright hands off to Jackson for an off-tackle run. Jackson opts to take it up the middle. With his inhuman size and speed combination, Jackson gets into the secondary before the defensive front even knows what's happening. Easily flattening a safety, Jackson scores on his first play in the NFL.

The Packers go on to win 20-0.

With a newly invigorated running game, Don "The Majik Man" Majkowski starts taking more snaps over the 2 year vet, Wright. He becomes more comfortable as teams stack the box to try and stop the thundering attack of Bo Jackson. Originally thought to be a "game manager", Majkowski shows he has what it takes to be a true NFL starter.

Going into week 10, the packers are 7-1-0. Their only loss was to the Denver Broncos while playing in Milwaukee County Stadium.

This will be the first meeting of Bo Jackson and Brian Bosworth. The Boz claims that he can easily stop the mighty Bo Jackson, should the two meet on the field. This was not the case. Jackson trucks over Boz to score his second touchdown of the day. Boz leaves the game defeated and Jackson sets a Packers' single-game rushing record for 221 yards, which has yet to be broken as of today.

Green Bay easily breezes through the rest of the season, clinching a 1st round bye week.

Washington is defeated in the divisional playoff and the Minnesota Vikings get steamrolled in the conference championship.

Super Bowl XXII becomes the rematch everyone has been waiting for. The Green Bay Packers lead by Bo Jackson vs the Denver Broncos and quarterback John Elway. The Broncos spoiled a perfect season for the Packers very early on, causing them to finish at 15-1.

The Packers have their revenge at Jack Murphy stadium. They give the Broncos a, to quote Bo Jackson in the post-game, "good ol fashion whoopin". The Broncos are defeated 42 to 10.

In 1992, Brett Favre joines the team. He's followed by Reggie White the following year.

In 1999 Jackson retires. While still in his prime, he wants to spend his time focusing more on his baseball career. He also feels confident his legacy is safe in the hands of rookie Ahman Green.

Jackson retires with 4 Super Bowl rings, every Packers' rushing record, and the NFL record for most rushing yards in a career (16,980). Jackson averaged close to 1,600 yards per season.

He is, to this day, the only athlete to win a Super Bowl and a World Series in the same year.

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