Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for March 24, 2014

In Monday's Curds, James Jones provides more than veteran leadership, Julius Peppers role in the Packers defense is discussed, and a great documentary about the Packers and Brett Favre is finally available to the masses.

A great thing happened this past Friday. The creators of "Last Day at Lambeau," a film detailing the events between Brett Favre's retirement and his final game at Lambeau Field, made their wonderful documentary available online for streaming. For many (myself included), this is their first opportunity to see "Last Day at Lambeau," as the original film was only exhibited at festivals and small showings in 2012. Make sure to find the time over the next week to watch this fabulous documentary in its entirety. Rarely do fans of the Packers and the NFL get to enjoy something this remarkable for free.

Anyway, onto the Curds.

Allen: Jones brings more than just veteran presence to Raiders - ESPN Wisconsin

When you're saddled with a team like the Raiders, obtaining veteran leadership and savvy may seem considerably valuable. While that's true, it means little to your locker room if those veterans can't meaningfully contribute to the team's success. James Jones isn't the type of player that turns around an offense, but he's highly productive and has been a part of multiple deep playoff runs. That carries a lot of water in a locker room, especially to the young players at his position.

Julius Peppers' 'different' role for Green Bay Packers may look familiar to NFL fans - Sports Illustrated

The short version of Chris Burke's excellent explanation of the elephant role is this: Julius Peppers (or any Packers defender playing the position) will essentially line up in a two-point stance right on the line of scrimmage. The location is well beyond the offensive tackle. Basically, it's a 4-3 under formation heavily utilized by teams like the Seahawks.

Green Bay Packers need LB, Safety; but don't count out a WR - Lombardi Ave

The idea of the Packers picking a wide receiver early in this year's draft has been floated several times on this site. That possibility became even more likely once the Packers let James Jones leave for Oakland. Some of the receivers listed here are distinct possibilities for Green Bay, Jordan Matthews chief among them. Others, like Jared Abbrederis, are more likely just the wishes of Wisconsin fans hoping to see a popular Badger remain in the state.

Thompson to miss NFL Meetings - ESPN Wisconsin

This is an annual ritual for the Packers' general manager, and frankly it's not surprising. Ted Thompson confers with Mark Murphy, Mike McCarthy, and Russ Ball about how the Packers will vote on each issue, and then bolts for Green Bay to continue preparing for the draft. This should please both his employer and the team's fans.

"Last Day at Lambeau" Online Screener - StoryFirst Media

As teased in the intro, here is the online screener of "Last Day at Lambeau." I've run out of superlatives to describe this documentary. If you skipped the opening paragraph, this film covers the Packers' messy divorce with Brett Favre through his final game at Lambeau Field in a Vikings uniform. The directors not only included testimony from a cavalcade of the top Green Bay beat writers, but they piece together the full context of each move and counter from both the Packers' front office and Brett Favre's camp. "Last Day at Lambeau" doesn't make judgments. Rather, it humanizes the parties while allowing the viewer to draw his or her own conclusion.

Jason Hirschhorn covers the Green Bay Packers for Acme Packing Company. He also serves as the Editor-in-Chief for Hook'em Headlines. His work has previously appeared on Beats Per Minute, Lombardi Ave, and College Hoops Net.
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