Johnny "FootBall" Making Money at His "Pro Day!"

The polarizing figure known as "Johnny Football" has again stolen "headlines" with an impressive performance at his "Pro Day!" Apparently Johnny threw some nice intermediate and deep balls with excellent touch. The last few in "pads!" (You can see the video at )

The question isn't if Manziel will be drafted, it is how high will he be drafted? An argument can be made that he can go as high as #1 overall to the Texans, but it's a safe bet, he won't make it past #26, which is the Browns 2nd pick in the 1st round! QB needy teams will all be in the running for one of the perceived top 4 QB's.

Depending on who you talk to, the Top QB's this year are (in no particular order):

Blake Bortles, Central Florida

Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

Derek Carr, Fresno State

Personally, I like Derek Carr more than Bortles,or Bridgewater, but there is no denying Johnny Manziel is the "wildcard" of the bunch.

Teams I feel need to draft a QB rather high include:

Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, and Minnesota Vikings.

I am sure that each of these teams have talked themselves into falling in love with one or more of these guys, but with this being the deepest "position player" draft anyone can remember, (at least in recent memory), teams may roll the dice and try to get back in at the end of the 1st Round, for their QB? Risk vs. Reward. I would gamble! : )

Personally, I wouldn't want to be the Texans GM this year. I would draft Jadeveon Clowney, (just out of fear), that he will be the "second coming of Lawrence Taylor," and if I pass on him, will I have to face him every year? (Even if I do managed to keep my job!? : ) If I don't draft my franchise QB at #1 overall, am I going to get the guy I like at #33? You may if "your guy" is Jimmy Garoppolo, AJ McCarron, or Aaron Murray.

On the flip-side of that argument, if I believe Johnny Manziel is one of those rare guys who embodies the competitive "spirit," can sell me a boat-load of luxury suites, and keep the Texan's fan base happy, how do I pass on him? (Maybe a pretty easy choice with Jadeveon Clowney sitting there!? : ) Both have potential to be game-changers, and both have the potential to be enormous busts, so, once again, that is why GM's get paid the big bucks.

It wouldn't surprise me if all 4 QB needy teams go with a position player, before they pull the trigger on a QB, but it is unlikely. If that were to happen, there will be a mad scramble to get back into the 1st round ahead of Cleveland, at #26. Ted Thompson may find himself in a predicament. Will TT be able to resist the urge to trade down, if Houston, Cleveland, Jacksonville, or even the Vikings come a callin?

My guess is, "NO," he won't be able to resist, even if we think he should resist.

Passing on a possible franchise QB isn't very likely, but if teams were going to do it, this would probably be the year to do it. Bortles is no "Luck" and Bridgewater is no "RGIII." Manziel might not even be "Russel Wilson," but only a year or two will tell that tale.

* Wanted to attach two polls, but alas, can only attach one. Texans Poll it is.

What does all this mean for the Packers? I believe it means one of two things.

1st ~ I believe the drafting of QB's will push a player to us we didn't expect, or 2nd ~ TT may find it easy to find a trade partner at #21, if these QB's are not drafted early. Either way, this draft is shaping up to be very entertaining.

Go Pack Go!

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