Drafttek 7-Round Mock Results: Green Bay Packers

I came across this in my desperate Sunday morning scramble for anything new and Packers-related, and am always curious to see how an attempt at simulating TT results. However, and not that this is really different from any other mock draft, I feel like this one misses the mark. I'll have a few notes at the end highlighting my thoughts (BECAUSE YOU CARE, DAMN IT).

Round 1, Pick 21: Calvin Pryor, FS (Alternate picks: Odell Beckham/ Louis Nix)

Round 2, Pick 21: Marcus Martin, C (ALT: Davante Adams/ Yawin Smallwood)

Round 3, Pick 21: Yawin Smallwood, ILB (ALT: Chris Borland/ Andrew Jackson)

Round 3, COMP: Trent Murphy, DE/OLB (ALT: Jared Abbrederis/ Ahmad Dixon)

Round 4, Pick 21: Brent Urban, DE (ALT: Ahmad Dixon/ Ty Zimmerman)

Round 5, Pick 21: Ty Zimmerman, SS (ALT: Vinnie Sunseri/ Brock Vereen)

Round 5, COMP: Beau Allen, NT (ALT: A.C. Leonard/ James Hurst)

Round 6, Pick 21: Eric Ward, WR

Round 7, Pick 21: Jake Murphy, TE

Am I wrong, or is this really underwhelming? I count a whopping two impact players from the supposed "deepest draft in recent memory". Doubling up on Murphy and Urban especially kills me in the heart of the draft, when both would most likely be situational pass rushers. While we do need some quality depth, I feel like this is a waste in this particular year. A few examples that boggle my mind....

-I know we need a starting safety in the worst way, but Pryor has lost his luster for me. If Timmy Jernigan falls in the first as in this scenario, I can't see TT passing.

- We select Marcus Martin in R2 when Weston Richburg is still on the board (and last I checked the consensus best C in the draft). They focused on Martin's strength in a ZBS scheme, but that's only part of our offensive line's run-blocking scheme now.

- A LOT of these picks, by their own metrics, are reaches. And how do you select Dixon as an option for the 3rd-round comp and then not pick him when he's on the board still 21 spots later? One of those choices HAS to be wrong, no? And what are the odds that in R5 3 safeties are all the same value? This is need-drafting, and worse yet, BAD need-drafting.

-I just mentioned it from the 5th round batch, but in the 3rd as well; 3 ILBs all at the same value? Nope. Will Sutton fell; no love. These guys hate DTs apparently. But not to worry, we'll pick up a NT at the end of the 5th. Yeah, it's a player who isn't projected to necessarily even be drafted, but when you screw up early this is what you have to deal with.

- We take Ty Zimmerman over Mettenberger, Shembo, and Max Bullough. Mettenberger is a huge value pick by their evaluation and Zimmerman is a huge reach. I just can't believe Bullough was taken in the 5th after using First-Pick so much lately.

- Eric Ward over Colt Lyerla, Caraun Reid, Louchiez Purifoy, Cassius Marsh. Average-sized WR in a class of ultra-productive giants? Let me throw on my excited face, because we need a slot specialist like a hole in the head. Did they not see how beast Jordy was from the slot on top of Randall? Maybe they assume we don't want to make Boykin nervous?

- Jake Murphy over Matt Hazel, Jordan Zumwalt, Logan Thomas. I've got nothing, you guys.... I'm just.... *sigh*

In conclusion, this has not been a particularly enjoyable exercise. But maybe, just maybe, I've saved you guys the horror of reading through this train wreck yourselves. If not, you were warned. I sincerely hope the real draft is much more inspiring, and GO PACK GO.

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