Greatest Mock Ever...

Hey kids! Tired of watching Bucky Brooks call Brock Vereen a third-round prospect? Don't like Jimmie Ward in the first round? Sick of dratniks dissing Jarrett Boykin? Well, I am! I made a First-Pick draft today that blows my last one out of the water. I know you guys are getting tired of mock drafting, but seriously, hear me out.

R2 (WASH): Kyle Fuller, CB/S, Virginia Tech: I don't want Fuller for the cornerback he is; I think that, in time, he could be the best safety of this class. APC has already done a nice writeup on him; his 4.49 forty-time means that he won't be a liability on the back end, and he's six-foot, so there's no question of him being undersized. He's taller than all of the major safeties (HCD, Pryor, Ward, Brooks, Bailey, Bucannon) other than HaHa, faster than all of the major safeties except Bucannon (tied) and he has excellent ball skills (10 picks in his career) to go along with it all. He's also a player we can get by trading down, so you've got to love the value.

R2 (CLE): Ryan Shazier, LB, The Ohio State: Trading down allows me to acquire back-to-back picks, and I use my second pick on a guy who is the new vogue pick for Green Bay, if the Kipers of the world are to be believed (and they usually aren't.) Shazier would be a second conversion product, as he manned the OLB position in college, but he has the potential to be a 'search-and-destroy' sort of player; a guy who can lay down hits, and simultaneously serve as an asset in coverage. One of Shazier's weaknesses is his size; 6'1" isn't short, necessarily, but as many have noted, he needs a defensive line that will take up blockers, and the girth of the Green Bay defensive line, despite a supposed desire to shift into a more athletic front, will certainly make the transition inside easier. As a Packers fan thoroughly tired of watching Colin Kaepernick scampering past flailing linebackers, Shazier just makes too much sense.

R3 (TB): Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington: If I was egotistical, I'd pat myself on the back and just stop drafting here. But I'm not going to be that way, I'm aware of the character concerns surrounding ASJ, and since Troy Niklas is still on the board here, I wouldn't be surprised if TT went in that direction. However I just see too much potential in Seferian-Jenkins, and if he falls into the early third, I'd move up to grab him (like I did.) He's a dynamic pass-catcher whose tape took a step back this past season because of injuries and Bishop Sankey. What was a curse for his draft stock becomes a blessing for the Packers here, as he becomes a Week One starter in Green Bay.

R3 (Comp): Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana: It was between Latimer and Bryant here, and, I don't know, I'm just too enamored with Latimer's potential. Either way, the Packers would get a raw receiver, so why not take the more freakish size-speed prospect? I'm pretty darned happy after three rounds.

R4 Jared Abbrederis, WR, Wisconsin: I said I'd take Abbrederis in the fourth if he was available, and I'm a man of my word. I'll also ignore my FP "B" for this; it's good value in my books. A Packers lineup of Nelson, Cobb, Boykin, Latimer and Abbrederis, in some order, would scare the living daylights out of any defense, Seattle included.

R5: Chris Watt, OG, Notre Dame: Inside O-line help for the Packers is always a plus; Watt doesn't scream starter but he could provide good depth at the guard position for the Green Bay. Also, Notre Dame,

R6: Trey Millard, FB, Oklahoma: Millard was a great blocker at Oklahoma, and he can carry the rock, too. In a perfect world, we'd put him on the PS and bring him back next year to replace fan favorite John Kuhn.

R7: Aaron Lynch, DE/OLB, South Florida: Ex-ND. Does that count for anything? He's really talented, and with an attitude change, he could rush the edge situationally. That's about all you can hope for out of a seventh-rounder.

Please comment on your opinion or things you would've done differently!

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