Read this Article; It's NOT About the Draft (Hint: It's about Week 1)

Hello, good sir, and thank you for clicking the link. I understand that the draft fever is getting dull. I feel it, too. I think Roger Goodell will realize that he has made a grave mistake by pushing back the draft two weeks; it doesn't make things more exciting, unless you find a thrill in listening to draftnik drivel (and commentary from folks such as myself.) I want to talk about the schedule. So, now that you're reading (and please don't stop), here's the actual title of my article:

Fear Not: Packers Have Legitimate Chance Versus Seattle Week 1 (Offense Edition)

I know, this is another topic which will be argued to death between now and September. Seahawks fans expect a win in the first game, and can you blame them? They're hot off a Super Bowl title, playing at the loudest stadium in football, and they have an incredible defense. Even Packers fans will have to try hard to remain optimistic; we have been beaten consistently by physical football teams, at least as of late. Plus, we haven't won a Week 1 contest since New Orleans in 2011. I've heard fans say things like, "We're not going to win this one, but we'll get 'em in the playoffs," and I understand the skepticism. But here's why we have a chance. Note: In this article, I'll focus on our offense, and in the next, I'll focus on our defense.

Aaron Rodgers Still Trumps Russell Wilson

Say what you want about Wilson, but Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the planet right now (although I'll listen to arguments for Peyton Manning.) Rodgers can make the impossible happen. You know what, I'm not even going to keep writing about this. I'll just give you this gem (sorry for the lower video quality.)

Eddie Lacy Comes Into the Equation

The last time the Packers faced the Seahawks, we were without a real rushing attack - if you'll remember, it was Cedric Benson who started that game, and actually scored the go-ahead touchdown. Now, we have OROY Eddie Lacy coming off a season in which he essentially carried the offense when Rodgers was injured. The Legion of Boom is fearsome, but so is the Alabama product offering Donte Whitner some sweet payback during the playoffs. If Lacy gets it going early, Seattle will have to commit more players to stopping him, which inevitably leads to this. That sort of play is what'll win us the game.

Marshall Newhouse Isn't on the Team

I'm happy for Newhouse in that he landed a job with another playoff contender (Cincinnati.) I don't think Packers fans will miss him too much, though; he was essentially the face of the inept line of 2012. Replacing him is David Bakhtiari, who showed a lot of promise after being forced into the starting lineup when Bulaga tore his ACL. Like any rookie, Bakhtiari had his ups and downs, but was arguably the best left tackle in a class that included the first overall pick in Eric Fisher and another top-five selection in Luke Joeckel. Sure, Green Bay will be starting a new center against Seattle; right now, J.C. Tretter is pencilled in, but competition will probably be brought in via the draft. However, that's probably a lot less worrisome than having Newhouse protecting Rodgers versus the likes of Michael Bennett. Last time the two teams faced, Green Bay allowed 7 sacks in the first half. That doesn't happen again.

I by no means am confident that the Packers will beat the Seahawks (though I know HB is ;)); however, I think we have as good a chance as anyone. On a neutral field, I firmly believe that we're fifty-fifty. I respect Seattle for the Super Bowl champs they are, obviously, but somehow I don't think they're the absolute monster everyone expects them to be.

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