A look into the Packers' Defense

After the draft, I did a post about who is likely to stay and who is likely to go for the offense. This time it's the defensive turn.

I broke it down into five categories. Group 1, unquestionable starters. Group 2, likely starters or key role players. Group 3, rookies who are not going to get cut, Group 4, players that will probably make it. Finally group 5, last man standing. So, without further ado, here we go.

Group 1 - Unquestionable starters. These guys will be on the team as starters.

OLB/DE Julius Peppers, OLB Clay Matthews, DT Mike Daniels, ILB AJ Hawk, CB Tramon Williams, CB Sam Shields, CB Casey Hayward, SS Morgan Burnett, FS HaSean Clinton-Dix. Total 9.

Group 2 - Likely starters/key contributors. These guys will make the team and will likely play big parts of our team.

NT BJ Raji, DT Josh Boyd, DT/DE Jerel Worthy, DT/DE Datone Jones, OLB/DE Mike Neal, ILB/OLB Brad Jones, OLB Nick Perry, CB/Saf Micah Hyde. Total 8 (17)

Group 3 - Rookies who aren't going anywhere. These guys will make the team simply becuase it makes no sense to waste a draft pick on them.

DT Kyyri Thornton, OLB Carl Bradford. Total 2 (19)

Group 4 - Players that will probably make it. These guys have the most tenuous hold onto our roster. A poor performance in camp may actually get them their walking papers. But as they were important for stretches last year, They get spots here.

ILB Jamari Lattimore, ILB Sam Barrington, CB Davon House, SAF Sean Richardson. Total 4 (23)

Group 5 - Camp battles. These positions will likely be won or lost depending on who has the best camp. Considering that the Packers have a tendency to start out the season with 26 defensive players, 24 offensive players, and 3 special teams players, we're looking at 2 position battles here and the best player remaining from the rest of the group.

Battle 1 - Linebacker.

Players involved: Nate Palmer, Andy Mulumba, Victor Aiywea, Adrian Hubbard

Analysis - Palmer and Mulumba were decent but generally ineffective for the stretches that we counted on them becuase of injuries. Aiywea wasn't phenomenal either. UDFA Hubbard is intriguing. He's 6'6" and achored a very tough defense for Alabama. Hubbard also has the benefit of being able to play outside as well as inside. I honestly think it is Hubbard's fight to lose.

Battle 2 - Defensive Back.

Players involved: Demetri Goodson, Jarrett Bush, Jumal Rolle, Chris Banjo.

Analysis - Another tough call. Bush is the incumbant here, and he hasn't ever really done anything to deserve a boot. He's felxible enough to play safety or slot corner in a pinch, is effective on special teams, but carries a relatively large contract. Ultimately, it is his to lose.

Battle 3 - Best Player available.

Players involved (assuming Hubbard and Bush make the team): Nate Palmer, Andy Mulumba, Victor Aiywea, Demetri Goodson, Jumal Rolle, Chris Banjo, DT Letroy Guion.

Analysis: Who the hell knows.

So now is your time to tell me how stupid I am or if I'm dead on.

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