Top 10 Green Bay Packers of All TIme

So I watched the NFL networks list several years ago when the packers won the SB, and again recently it just wasn't recent enough for me, whats amazing though in looking up these players and seeing some tape on them, just how many GREAT players, don't even have a chance to make the top 10.

I'm going to list my top ten, and I want you to list yours as well. I'll assume some of these will be like most top 10's but there are several players that I feel like are under rated, and a couple I think are over rated. Also I'm not including coaches in this list.

10. Charles Woodson.

What can you say, this is without a doubt one of the most talented players in Green Bay's History. A shut down CB in his prime coupled with an amazing ability to turn the ball over, made him a constant threat to change any game, and he did that a lot. his career totals in Tackles is 816 Sacks 19 Forced Fumbles 27 Ints 56 along with 13 touchdowns. His awards include 8 pro bowls, 7 all pro team selections, Super Bowl champion, Defensive Player of the Year, Defensive Rookie of the Year, the 2000's All Decade Team. Also lead the league in interceptions 2 times. 2009 and 2011.

9. Willie Davis.

Most of the stats for Davis is actually guesses and watching tape, however most seem to agree 100 sacks for davis, some even say 120, being the homer I am, ill go ahead and give him 120. In all honesty though, his list of awards is not, a guess. Willie racked up 5 pro bowls, 5 First Team All Pro selections, 2 time super bowl champion, selected to the 1960's all decade team, and is a member of the Hall of Fame.

8. Herb Adderley

I can't lie this is one of my favorite players of all time, in my mind the most dominate CB to ever play the game. this guy put up Deion sanders, Charles woodson type interception numbers while in an era that teams just didn't throw as often as in the era that those players played in. the fact is being feared for your tackling on top of being able to snatch 48 interceptions and get 7 TD's puts him in the rare category of a Charles Woodson type player, a DB who could hit, and tackle as well as being a shut down DB, and a turnover machine. His awards are as follows, NFL HOF, 5 time pro bowler, 4 First Team All Pro selections, 3 2nd team All Pro selections, 6 time NFL champion, 1960's all decade team, 50th anniversary All Time Team.

7 Ray Nitschke.

The fearsome Linebacker is lower on my list then most I've seen, but there is no doubting this guys dominance on the football field. this guy has a list of awards that is honestly staggering. His Awards include being a pro bowl player, 3 time All Pro first team selections, 4 2nd team All Pro Selections, 5 times MFL champion, MVP of the 62 championship team, 50th anniversary all time team, 75th anniversary all time team, as well as the 1960's all decade team.

6 Paul Hornung.

Paul is a player that I bet is lower on my list then most, and he's lower on my list because I think he played 2nd fiddle to a player who will be making an appearance a little closer to 1. Regarded as one of the best short yardage backs in the history of the NFL paul Hornung managed 3,711 rushing yards with an average of 4.2 yards per rush, this was along his 130 receptions for 1,480 yards, all total he scored 72 TD's. he held the record for most points scored in a season until 2006 when LT broke it. His list of awards throughout his career is also very impressive. 2 time Pro Bowler, 2 time AP 1st Team All Pro selections, AP 2nd Team All Pro selection, 4 time NFL Champion, NFL MVP, 1960's All Decade Team, and an NFL HOFer.

5 Bart Starr

This one might get some negative reaction, and I get that, he was the QB who led Green Bay to 5 NFL championships, and there is a lot to be said about that alone. The reason I have him at 5 is because I do not believe he was the leading factor on that team, in fact I'd say that he was 2nd fiddle behind the combination of Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung. Also I have a hard time putting him about the other two QB's who will make the list. His stats for the era he played in are very good, and he was a part of 5 NFL championships there is no denying his place among the greatest of the NFL let alone Green Bays greatest. In his carrer he passed for 24,718 yards on 1808 completions out of 3149 attempts, for a completion percentage of 57.4. He threw for 152 TD's and 138 INT's.

4. Jim Taylor

This one was hard originally I had him slotted 2nd but there is another position player who was without doubt the greatest player at his position throughout his career, and who revolutionized the game itself. On to Jim Taylor, Jim Taylor should be mentioned almost in the same breath as Jim Brown, and had there never been a Jim Brown, Jim taylor would probably be the one recognized as the greatest FB of all time. His Stats are impressive, 8,597 rushing yards with a 4.4 yard per carry average. 83 TD's. an interesting stat I found though is his incredibly low fumble rate, he fumbled on only 1.56% of his touches, that's pretty damn remarkable. Taylors numerous awards include 5 Pro Bowls, an AP All Pro First Team selection (hard to get with Jim Brown winning all of them lol) a 4 time NFL champion, 1962 NFL MVP, a 1960's All Decades Team selection, and a member of the HOF.

3.Aaron Rodgers.

Initially when I began thinking of my list I was going to put him at number 1, which by the way is where I believe he will end up when its all said and done, personally I think he's got another 9-10 years in him if he feels like playing that long and there is no telling how many records he will set by then. Recognized as elite because of his numbers and championship, there is no ceiling on where Rodgers could end up on the All Time list of greatest players in the history of the NFL. his stats up to this point of his career are absolutely astounding. 24,197 passing yards to go along with 188 touchdowns, which by the way is up against his meager 52 interceptions. that coupled with his 104.9 career passer rating is why Rodgers lands at number 3 on my list, with a pretty clear opportunity to be number 1 when its all said and done. So far through his career he has managed to win the following awards. Super bowl champion, Super bowl MVP, NFL MVP, 3 time Pro Bowl selection, an AP 1st Team All Team selection, an AP 2nd team selection, along with his Highest of all time career passer rating, being the only NFL QB to achieve a career rating over 100 in both the regular season and the post season, and has the best touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history. History says that Aaron Rodgers clearly is 1 of the best.

2. Don Hutson

Don Hutson comes in at number two on this list because every single time he put on his jersey there was no doubt, he was the best "split end" in the game, not only did he lead the league in yards receptions and receiving touchdowns most years, he dominated the position to the extent of doubling up the closest competition in several of those years, racking up yards and receptions and touchdowns by himself he had several teams beat, in regards to the number he alone put up. he completely changed the game, he was its most dynamic weapon, to compare that would be like Aaron Rodgers throwing for 9,000 yards and 72 TD's every year while the next best QB threw for 5000 and 45 TDs. All in all he collected 488 receptions for 7,991 yards and 99 touchdowns, on top of that he chips in 30 interceptions as the teams Safety. All and all his honors include 8 time first team All Pro selections, 4 pro bowl selections, 3 NFL championships, 50th anniversary All Time Team selection, 75th anniversary All Time Team selection, 2 time NFL MVP, NFL record most seasons leading the NFL in touchdowns, and of course a member of the Hall of Fame.

1. Brett Favre

say what you want but at this point in time there is no greater packer than Brett Favre, personally I was never one to have a grudge with him going to the Vikings, his playing time in Green Bay was over, and he wanted to go to a contender. Like it or not it was the Vikings. In his Prime Brett was without doubt the best player in the league, and ranks in first place in almost every single QB stat that is kept. Brought back a title contender to Green Bay and brought the Trophy back to Green Bay. Favre was a Super Bowl champion, an 11 time Pro Bowler, 3 time AP First Team selection, a 3 time AP second team selection, a 3 time NFL MVP, and in 4 different seasons lead the league in passing touchdowns, and was selected to the 1990's all decade Team. Brett Favre threw for 508 touchdowns, 71,838 yards, and a QB rating of 86.0, along with 336 interceptions. Some of his milestones and records include, but not limited to, Most years leading the league in passing touchdowns, most passing yards of all time, most completions of all time, most attempts of all time, most interceptions of all time, most 100 plus QB rating in games, most post season games, most starts, most consecutive starts, most wins. Honestly for now there is little debate to who the best packer of all time is Brett Favre, but check back on the top ten in 10 years and we will see.

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