2014 Predicted Win-Loss Record For The Green Bay Packers

Hello and welcome to my predicted win-loss totals for every NFL team. I have predicted the outcomes of all 256 regular season games plus the playoffs and am ready to share my results. Below you will find your team's division standings and complete regular season schedule plus the playoffs, if applicable. You will also find breakdowns of your team's key games in 2014. Please note that I tried to be unbiased and fair in these predictions, but also note that someone had to lose. If I give your team a bad record or your least favorite team a good one, it does not mean that I like any team better than the other.

Predicted 2014 NFC North Division Standings

1. Green Bay Packers 12-4(+4)

2. Minnesota Vikings 10-6(+5)

3. Chicago Bears 8-8(+0)

4. Detroit Lions 7-9(+0)

In this predicted universe the Packers take the division crown with a 12-4 record, two more wins than the next closest team, the Vikings. A healthy Aaron Rodgers alone is enough to improve the Packers' record by 2 or 3 wins, but the Packers also improved in other ways, such as signing Julius Peppers and drafting Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. Below you will find the complete predicted Packers schedule for the 2014 season and below that you will find a breakdown of the key games for the Packers this season.

Packers Predicted 2014 Schedule

Week 1: Loss at Seahawks

Week 2: Win vs. Jets

Week 3: Win at Lions

Week 4: Win at Bears

Week 5: Win vs. Vikings

Week 6: Win at Dolphins

Week 7: Win vs. Panthers

Week 8: Loss at Saints

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: Win vs. Bears

Week 11: Win vs. Eagles

Week 12: Loss at Vikings

Week 13: Win vs. Patriots

Week 14: Win vs. Falcons

Week 15: Win at Bills

Week 16: Loss at Buccaneers

Week 17: Win vs. Lions

Key Games

Week 1: at Seahawks

This is a rematch of the infamous "Fail Mary" game, where the Packers lost at home to the visiting Seahawks after a controversial call by the replacement refs. This time around, though, the Seahawks are better than last time, more experienced than last time, and are at home. The game starts as a ground and pound running game battle, with Eddie Lacy and Marshawn Lynch battling it out. Eventually, Lynch and the Seahawks take a late lead. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers try to pass to the end zone, but an interception on a desperation 4th down pass seals the game.

Week 8: at Saints

This game directly affects both teams' playoff places. If the Packers win, they go on to claim the NFC No. 2 seed with a 13-3 record over the Saints. If the Saints win, they go on to have a 14-2 record and the NFC No. 1 seed. The Packers are 5-2 while the Saints are looking to preserve their perfect record. The offense comes early for both teams after big plays by both the running and passing games. The Packers head into halftime up by a touchdown. The offense continues in the second half, but a key stop by the Saints defense allows Drew Brees to tie the game up and bring it to overtime. The Saints get the ball first and score a field goal. The Packers miss one on the ensuing drive and the Saints keep their perfect record intact.

Week 11: vs. Eagles

This game also directly affects playoff seeding. If the Packers win, they go on to claim the NFC No. 3 seed over the 11-5 Eagles, while the same would happen for the Eagles. This game is a shootout from the beginning, as both teams score plenty of points early. The pace eventually slows down, and the Packers score late to seal the win.

Week 12: at Vikings

The Packers, at this point, are still aiming for that No. 2 seed, while the Vikings are still in the playoff hunt. Plus, it is a great rivalry. The game is close in the first half, with the Packers up by a field goal. The Vikings come out and make a few key stops in the second half and score late in the 4th. The Packers begin their drive with just over two minutes remaining, hoping to score a touchdown. A controversial penalty sets the Packers back too many yards and the Vikings hold on to win.

Week 13: vs. Patriots

The Packers are still withholding hope for the No. 2 or maybe even No. 1 seed, and the Patriots are 10-1 heading into this game. It is a shootout from the beginning, with two of the NFL's best quarterbacks battling it out for most of the game. The Packers score a late field goal and hold off Tom Brady's comeback drive for the win at home.

Week 16: at Buccaneers

The Packers are still hoping for the No. 2 seed, but they could drop as low as No. 4. They can clinch the No. 3 seed with a win today in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers still have playoff hopes, and it is a battle between them and the Vikings for the final spot. A loss would knock the Bucs out of the playoffs. The Buccaneers defense hold off the Packers offense early and put a few points on the board. The Packers eventually do also, but trail heading into halftime. The Packers tie it up with around 7 minutes to go but allow a late touchdown for a loss. Luckily, the Eagles lose also and the Packers clinch the 3 seed anyway, but are out of contention for a first round bye.


NFC Seeds:

1. New Orleans Saints (14-2)

2. Seattle Seahawks (14-2)

3. Green Bay Packers (12-4)

4. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)

5. San Francisco 49ers (13-3)

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-6)

Wild Card Round

Packers vs. Buccaneers

The Packers get the No. 6 seed Buccaneers at home after finishing with the No. 3 seed and a 12-4 record. The Packers lost in week 16 on the road against the Bucs, slamming the door on the Packers' first round bye hopes and opening it wide open for the Buccaneers' playoff hopes. This game isn't nearly as exciting as the last one as the Packers easily hold off the Bucs for most of the game, learning from their mistakes two weeks earlier. The Packers win 34-24 and are catapulted to the divisional round.

Divisional Round

Packers at Seahawks

After their opening round victory against Tampa Bay, the Packers move on to face the defending champions on the road, no easy task. In fact, the Packers lost a close one at Century Link earlier in the year. The Seahawks finished with the No. 2 seed after finishing with a 14-2 record. This game starts out like the last, with the running game dominating early. The Seahawks lead at halftime, but after an Aaron Rodgers touchdown in the 3rd quarter to tie it, the teams play to overtime, where an Eddie Lacy rushing touchdown wins it, 27-21.

NFC Championship

Packers at Saints

The Packers march into New Orleans to face the No. 1 seeded Saints for the NFC Championship and a Super Bowl berth. This game is a rematch from week 8 when the Saints got a overtime win vs. the Packers, this time in an intense play off matchup. This time, it is the defense that dominates early, holding both teams to a single touchdown in the first half. An Aaron Rodgers touchdown in the 3rd quarter gives the Packers a lead, but Drew Brees soon ties it up. The Saints kick a field goal with just over 30 seconds remaining and hold off the Packers, going on to win the Super Bowl against the Broncos two weeks later.

Team MVP: Aaron Rodgers, QB

As I said above, the addition of Rodgers adds about 2-3 wins to the Packers. That is the definition of MVP.

Important Player Stats:

Aaron Rodgers, QB: 4,346 yds, 34 tds, 9 ints

Eddie Lacy, RB: 1,233 yds, 12 tds, 39 rec, 289 yds

Jordy Nelson, WR: 91 rec, 1,423 yds, 10 tds

Clay Matthews, LB: 45 tkls, 12.5 sacks, 1 ff

Mike McCarthy's Job Security Going Into 2015:

Mike McCarthy has had loads of success with the Packers, and with this near-Super Bowl season, I don't expect him to be out of a job any time soon. His job looks to be as safe as anyone's heading into 2015.

2015 Draft:

The Packers get the 29th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, and they will look to solidify their defensive line and their secondary, and perhaps look for a tight end.

Well, that is my take on the upcoming Packers season. Please remember that I cannot see into the future, and I will most likely be wrong about many predictions in this article (but if I turn out to be right, remember me). If you disagree or agree with me, feel free to share your opinions in the comments, I look forward to it. And check out my predictions for the other teams on their blogs as they come out, I put a lot of work into this; I want it to be seen by as many people as possible. Thanks for reading.

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