Green Bay Packers Analysis

Q&A with Football Outsiders - Burnett, Hawk & More


We discuss the Packers' roster and upcoming season with Mike Tanier, who agrees with us that the Packers should be a top Super Bowl contender this year, barring another major slate of injuries.

Are the Packers' Safeties Suddenly a Strength?

Once thought of as the Achilles heel of the defense, play at safety could be much improved in 2014.

Who Are the Best Packers Through Three Games?


With the bye week upon us, we look back at the top Packers through the team's 1-2 start, both using traditional stats and advanced metrics.

Projecting Randall Cobb’s 2013 Season


In the wake of Randall Cobb’s breakout sophomore campaign, the Packers let Greg Jennings and Donald Driver depart. Now the question is how much added burden will Cobb have to carry?

Rodgers, Matthews deals won't handcuff Packers


As if there was little doubt, the Green Bay Packers made sure the new deals for Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews won’t prevent the team from contending for another title.

Will Matthew Mulligan Make The Team?


While the signing of Matthew Mulligan makes sense at first glance, there are a number of ways that he could end up not making the Packers' opening week roster at all.

Who's going to take the torch at WR?


Greg Jennings is gone. The Packers are going to need someone around to demand the attention of defenses. Is that guy already in Green Bay?

An Elephant In The Room: Locking Up Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and now it’s come time to pay him like it. Careful planning will be required to give Rodgers the money he deserves and maintain the cap...

An Elephant In The Room: Paying Clay Matthews


Clay Matthews has become a superstar in the NFL and is the main playmaker for the Packers defense. Now that there is one more year left on his rookie contract it’s time to pay the man.

Do The Packers Need To Make A Splash In FA?


The Packers will be Super Bowl contenders once again in 2013, but that does not mean they can afford to forgo free agency as they have in the past. The Packers face enough holes where a FA signing...


An Elephant In The Room: Raji's Real Value


B.J. Raji is a big man with a big contract coming to him, but how much is he really worth? Is Raji the terror of the 2010 playoff run and 2013 wildcard game against the Vikings; or his the movable...

An Elephant In The Room: The Mystery Of The Line


It’s clear that the Packers need to work on their offensive line this offseason. What is not clear is where those fixes need to happen. Should the team target tackle or someone for the interior of...

An Elephant In The Room: A Mess At WR & TE


A few months ago it appeared that Jermichael Finley and Greg Jennings were almost guaranteed to leave in the offseason, but a lack of long term certainty with offensive skill players may force the...

OL Breakdown: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

How you see the Packers offensive line may be one of the truest test of whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. The problem is that even the biggest optimist would need to admit upgrades are...

Securing A Bright Future: WR/TE As Biggest Need


Devin tags back in for part 4 of our continuing series on the biggest need for the Packers this offseason. With the probable loss of Greg Jennings looming and retirement of Donald Driver, the...

Suffering A Set Back


Not every player improves from one year to the next. All too often some players take a step back or have a down year….but which Packer took the biggest step back in 2012?

When Draft & Develop Works: Most Improved Player


The Packers' are a draft and develop team, meaning that a large number of players need to improve each year in order for the team to continue to be successful. As such, there are plenty of nominees...

Unsung Heroes


The battles in the trenches were largely forgettable for the Packers in 2012, but a couple players were able to perform at a high level. Ryan Pickett, Josh Sitton, and Brad Jones highlight this...

Season MVP: Performances Defined by Absences

With all the turmoil on the Packers roster throughout the 2012 season, there are only a handful of candidates for the team's season MVP. In a way, the case for each is defined by the presence (or...

A working class hero is something to be


Some players played well, despite the Packers' loss on Saturday.

Shining Through The Darkness


It’s time for one last MVP of the Week. Despite some outright performances on the part of the Packers, some players were able to put together some impressive – yet flawed – nights. Will any of them...

Film Study: How Not to Defend the Zone Read

Erik Walden and company show the best way to ensure that a read option play will burn your defense for a touchdown.

A Loss Of Identity


The postseason defines what a team is and how they will be remembered. On Saturday night the Packers defined who they were in 2012 by forgetting their identity and trying to be who they wanted to...

What caused Rodgers' average Week 1?


Vote in our poll and discuss what exactly contained Aaron Rodgers the first time he faced the 49ers.

Justin Smith's health key on Saturday


If Justin Smith is limited in any way, it could open things up for the Green Bay Packers.

Winning the field position battle


Jeremy Ross and Tim Masthay are going to be key players for the Green Bay Packers on Saturday. Because the Packers and Niners are so evenly matched, field position and special teams should decide...

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