Social Lunch Break

Join us at APC's daily lunch-time social discussion forums and talk about your favorite Packers players, moments, and games.

Who Could Be the Packers' John Brooks in 2014?


With an unlikely savior leading the USA soccer team to victory against Ghana last night, we try to identify a player who could come out of relative obscurity to become a critical piece to the...

Which Former Packers are Most Underrated?


Fans love to talk about the best players in their team's history, but who are some of the best Packers who do not get enough credit?

How Many QBs Should the Packers Have in 2014?


We ask you the readers about how the Packers should address the signal-callers this season.

Saturday Social-What Are Your Plans for the Draft?

Until the draft, weekends are slow. We want you, the readers, to tell us about your plans for draft week.

Which Packer Would Make the Ideal Cyborg Player?


We're bringing back the social lunch break for the offseason, and we kick it off with a question for Packers fans about which player would improve the team most if he were made into a cyborg.

The craziest thing you've done after a GB loss.


What has "The Passion of the Pack" caused you to do following a big Packer loss?

Best Individual Regular-Season Performance


We ask you to look back over the Packers' past few years to remember which one player put together the most memorable single-game performance.

Which Team Makes You the Angriest after a Loss?


We ask you to tell us which of the Packers' rivals makes you the most angry after a loss.

Rodgers Not a Top 5 Player in NFL Top 100?


The players voted, and apparently Aaron Rodgers wasn't worthy of top 5 consideration. What kind of sorcery is this?

Where Do You Show Off Your Packers Stock?


The Packers are different from all other major sports teams, and that fundamental difference is the subject of today's lunch break discussion.


Favorite Non-Packers Playoff Memories


The Stanley Cup was awarded last night, which got us thinking about our favorite moments in playoff sports when the Packers were not involved. Tell us yours!

Which Packers Starter Keeps You Up at Night?


We ask you to tell us about Packers players who tend to raise your blood pressure.

What Number Would You Wear if You Were a Packer?


We ask you to imagine yourself as a member of your favorite NFL team in today's lunch break.

Which Packer Should Get the First Extension?


With a large number of key Packers entering free agency soon, the prioritization of new contracts is up for debate.

Late Lunch Break-Pick Your Favorite Dual-Threat QB


The 2011 and 2012 NFL draft classes provided a surplus of dual-threat quarterbacks. The question we pose today: which one would you pick?

Whom Is Your Favorite Recent Backup QB?


We ask you to take a stroll back through memory lane and tell us whom your favorite second-stringer was over the past 20 or so seasons.

Which Rookie WR Makes the Team?


We pose a scenario in which you must choose one young wideout to earn a roster spot after training camp. Who will you pick?

Whose Number Would You Retire?


Today's discussion-starter asks which Packer of yore you would bestow the ultimate team honor upon.

What's your #1 Tailgating Choice?


With Father's Day approaching and cookouts likely going on this week, we invite you to tell us your favorite things to grill.

Overrated and Underrated Packers


Tell us which Packers you think are better or worse than their reputations.

What's Your Favorite Packers Gear?


We ask about your favorite costumes or Packers gear in today's lunch hour.

JaMarcus Russell or Tim Tebow?


Tell us which former first-round quarterback you'd rather sign and read who Jason would pick.

Favorite Training Camp Memories


Tell us your favorite memory from Packers' training camp and see what Tex looks back fondly upon.

What Are your best and worst Packers Moments?


Story Time! What are the best and worst moments from a Packers game that you were able to witness live?

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