By the Numbers

Examining the Green Bay Packers by analyzing statistics and quantifiable measures

Packers' Injury Rate Among Worst in NFL Since 2010


Only three NFL teams have had worse luck with injuries over the past four years, and none of them can match the Packers' success over that time period.

Matthews, Raji Make Packers' 09 Draft Best in NFL

We examine the Packers' success in the 2009 draft and compare it to the struggles of most NFL teams to find productive players that offseason.

For OL, Packers Tend to Draft Only Left Tackles

To some this will be old news, but to others this may come as a surprise: if you are an offensive lineman but didn't play left tackle in college, odds are the Packers won't be drafting you.

Bakhtiari vs. Allen: Grading their 2013 Matchups


We look back at the 2013 season to see what we can learn about the Packers' left tackle of the future and how he matches up with the Chicago Bears' newest pass-rushing specialist.

LB Snap Counts: Why Coverage Ability is Crucial


The Packers need to look for coverage ability in candidates for both the outside and inside linebacker position in 2014, and we explain why by looking at the snap counts from 2013.

Why SF Might not be Able to Out-Score the Packers


We take a look at the numbers showing why the San Francisco offense has been less effective at scoring points over the second half of the 2013 season than they were in the first half and explain...

Friday Cheese Curds

In today's curds, we look at Lacy's workload, injuries, and the Packers' pass rush.

Only the Best: Nelson and Lacy Lead Offense


With the month of October drawing to a close, we take a look at the players who have led the Packers' offense through adversity and put their performances over the last four games into historical...


A Statistical Look at the Packers' defense

A member of the APC community takes a look at the Packers' defense and their performance in 2013 and tries to put their numbers in context.

Packers' Running Game: Breaking Down 2012


The latest in our statistical analysis series takes a look at the way the Packers used the run in the first half of the 2012 season compared to the second half.


Rodgers' Consistent Impact on the Running Game


The Packers' quarterback has been a key contributor to the team's rushing game over the past several years, and we examine

Rodgers' Numbers Back Up Offensive Line Shift


Sometimes, numbers and common sense each confirm what the other tells us.

Rodgers Excels Despite Defensive Pressure


We get a detailed look at how Rodgers compares to other NFL quarterbacks when faced with pressure from different areas of the offensive line.

Linebacker Usage vs. the Run or Pass


We break down the snap counts of the Packers' linebackers from 2012 to see if any useful information can be extracted.

Is Morgan Burnett Due For a Breakout Year?


We examine the numbers from several former Packer safeties to see if we can project the career of the Packers' starting free safety.

Tackling: Making a Case For Hayward


The best tackler among the Packers' 2012 defensive backs was one of the most recent additions, and that adds another feather to his cap in a quest to become a full-time starter.

Rough Numbers: Fitting Contracts into the 2013 Cap


We try to break down how much actual cap room the Packers can use to increase their superstars' contracts while keeping the team under the salary cap in 2013.

Packers Are One of the Best-Drafting NFL Teams


Using some serious math, Football Outsiders has found that the Packers have been among the best franchises at getting value from their draft picks since the merger.

Money Matters: On Cap Space and Big Contracts


The Green Bay Packers appear to have the cap room to make a move or two yet, but how to the upcoming contracts for Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews change this landscape?

Moving the Chains: Pack Spreads the Ball Around


Pro Football Focus' first down statistics shed some light on how the Packers used their wide receivers to move the chains in 2012.

Shocking Revelations: Don't Turn the Ball Over


APC breaks down the Packers' recent playoff successes and failures by analyzing several key statistical measures. Not surprisingly, turnovers are the most critical factor in determining the final...

(Roster) Changes: Turn and Face the Strange


APC examines the changes that have taken place to both the Packers' and 49ers' rosters since the two teams' week one meeting at Lambeau Field.

Home Teams 10-2 in Playoff Rematches


The better team in the playoffs holds home-field advantage; those teams have a huge edge in playoff rematches from week 17.

Ponder is not very good outdoors


APC looks at Christian Ponder's home/away splits and indoor/outdoor stats; they don't bode well for the Vikings this Saturday.

James Jones Scores Touchdowns


A statistical look at the Packers' secret red zone weapon

Clay Matthews' Impact: By The Numbers


APC takes a look at some key statistics that show how critical Clay Matthews is to the Packers defense, both in the pass rush and the run game

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