Cheesestradamus leaders after two weeks!

Cheesestradamus leaders after two weeks!

Cheesestradamus Season In Review


The Cheesestradamus Season In Review - congrats to Power296 on a dramatic win in the second half of the season!

Cheesestradamus Week 17: Doubly Cheesy


Well everyone, we have come to the final week of the season, and the final week of Cheesestradamus. But this is a double-points week, so a slim lead in the standings can mean next to nothing if...

Cheesestradamus Week 15: Packers @ Chiefs


I'm late on the post for this week, so let's cut to the abbreviated version. Swenny916 won Week 14 with an 11-point performance. SlowJoe445 now has the overall lead by one point over pacsun. For...

Cheesestradamus Week 14: Raiders @ Packers


In week 13, Cheesestradamus players had a middle of the road week, with an average of 3.2 points per submission. Power296 took the top spot with an 11 point week, as he was the only person to break...

Cheesestradamus Week 13: Packers @ Giants and Thanksgiving Recap


It's Friday, which means that I'm slacking off on this weekend's Cheesestradamus contest. Never fear, though, the post is here! In week 12, we got the best bonus prediction of the season: Tuna...

Cheesestradamus Turkey Day Edition: Packers @ Lions


Fire up the oven, get your fork and knife, and [insert additional turkey-related pun here], because it's time for the Thanksgiving edition of Cheesestradamus! Note: the Thanksgiving edition is only...

Cheesestradamus Week 11: Buccaneers @ Packers


The second week of the second half of Cheesestradamus has arrived! Let me first apologize for a lack of a Week 10 recap post - it's been a crazy week, so the recap can be found after the jump....

Cheesestradamus Week 10: MIN @ GB - Starting Over


With the first half of the season in the books, everybody's score now has reset to zero. Congratulations to miguelito1734 on his triumph in the first half, but now we move on. Best of luck to...

Cheesestradamus First Half Recap: Congrats to miguelito1734!


The first half is over. After nine weeks of intense competition, miguelito1734 rode a remarkably consistent performance over the first half of the season, and his nine-point week in the final...


Cheesestradamus Week 9: Packers @ Chargers


Everyone, this is it. This week's Cheesestradamus contest will determine the winner of the contest in the first half. The overall winner will earn a $40 gift card to the Packers Pro Shop and a...

Cheesestradamus Recap: Bye Week Blues


I'm not sure if the questions were tough, if this week was just wacky, or what other combination of circumstances caused it, but Week 8's bye week Cheesestradamus contest was a debacle. The top...

Cheesestradamus Bye Week Extravaganza


GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! If you missed last week's recap, Cheesestradamus officially has a prize for the winner! (All praises to the Brandon.) And since we're splitting the season in half, that means...

Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 7


Holy cats, APC! After the lowest scoring game ever in Week 6, you guys came back with a vengeance in Week 7, dropping a ridiculous 6.7 point average. That's almost a point better per submission...

Cheesestradamus Week 7: Packers @ Vikings


What new surprises does Cheesestradamus have in store for you this week? Will a new leader emerge? Will the Packers run the ball with any regularity against the Vikings' defense? Why do I ask so...

Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 6


Everyone, this was an impressively ugly week for the APC Cheesestradamus community. The submissions averaged less than three points apiece, an all-time low. It didn't help that Aaron Rodgers only...

Cheesestradamus Week 6: Packers vs. Rams


This week, the 0-4 St. Louis Rams travel to Lambeau Field this weekend to face the Packers. Since most people are expecting a big day for the Packers' offense, Cheesestradamus focuses on Rodgers...

Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 5


This week's Cheesestradamus results look much the same as those of week 5: total points were on the whole unimpressive, and most people's points came in just a few categories. You can thank the P...

Cheesestradamus Week 5: Packers @ Falcons


After four weeks, the leaders of Cheesestradamus are starting to emerge. A few players have put up consistent performances and we've seen a few impressive one-week submissions. But remember, it's...

Cheesestradamus Week 4 Recap


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new leader at the top of the Cheesestradamus standings: bigpoppaloaf extended his streak of 10-plus point weeks to three, and now sits alone at the top with a total...

Cheesestradamus Week 4: Packers vs. Broncos


Week 4 is nearly upon us, and as we wrap up the first quarter of the NFL season, we find a logjam at the top of the Cheesestradamus standings. four players are within 3 points of the lead, and...

Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 3


As we advance through the early weeks of the season, a trend is forming: the APC community is getting consistently better at hitting predictions each game. We've seen an increase from 3.7 points...

Cheesestradamus Week 3: Packers @ Bears


Packers-Bears. Nothing more needs to be said, but I'll say it anyway. This Sunday will mark the 183rd meeting of the greatest rivalry in professional football, but the first as far as...

Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 2


After all was said and done on Sunday, the Packers and Panthers put up a big week of points for the Acme Packing Company community in Cheesestradamus. Only 18 out of 137 players failed to earn any...

Cheesestradamus Week 2: Packers @ Panthers


And we're off! Arodgb and kuhl have taken an early lead out of the gate, with jolly rancher and a host of others right on their heels. It's a long season though, and there's plenty of time for you...

Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 1


Well folks, Week 1 is in the books, and our Packers have moved to 1-0. In doing so, they earned a ton of points for the APC community in the opening week of the Cheesestradamus contest. Arodgb and...

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