I just read that Jason Hanson is retiring...


I read this at the Lions SBnation site. If he is retiring, he has never won at Lambeau field. :)

In Ted We Trust. But...

There are two reasons why it's fair to question whether Thompson is the best man for the job of ensuring the Packers are in the best position possible to win another SB. Drafting-and-developing, by itself, isn't enough for this team. And, no, the answer is not being active players in free agency. The answer is spending money wiser in free agency and in resigning homegrown talent.

Vikings Overpay Greg Jennings, Continue Storied Tradition of Scooping Up Ex-Packers

(Jennings) goes from playing with two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time to playing with Christian Ponder and a receiving corps composed of Jarius Wright, Jerome Simpson, a lukewarm Hot Pocket, and a broomstick wearing an Anthony Carter jersey. (I might have the depth chart slightly out of order there.)

from Grantland

Super Bowl 48 "The Rumble in the Tundra" Steelers Seek Revenge | Austin Styles Presents The Cave Below

New York will host the next Super Bowl, My prediction is the Steelers vs The Pack. Check out pics my folk art wood carvings of the two teams. I took pics of carvings in the snow to give it the appropriate feel. Enjoy

Packers Leadership Void

Without DD and Woodson, the Packers have a leadership void. A young team just got younger. Two players must step up to fill this leadership void in the secondary and WR core. And two more players must assume overall team leadership.

Packers Mock Draft

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I last contributed to this site. How's everyone doing? Last October, I got hired by a company called Ticket King to be a web content writer and I write for various sites and blogs about local sports teams, eight of them to be exact, and I am the only person who writes content for them. This is a recent post from my Packers Blog, my first mock draft of the year. What do you think?

Why the Packers Shouldn't Chase Revis

If Packers get Revis, a collateral consequence would be losing Raji because of cap limitations. This is a cost the Packers can ill afford because of the lack of depth on the defensive line.

Te'o: Steal of Draft for Packers?

A lot will hinge on the truth behind the hoax. But, if he slides to the Packers, he could be a steal. Guy was a pure game in college and won nearly every award possible. He and Bishop would finally form a hard-nosed ILB tandem.


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