Up for Debate: Best Ted Thompson Draft Pick


It's discussion time! Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews are off the table, so who's the third-best?

Super Bowl Recipes Galore


The Super Bowl party is as much about the event as the game itself for most people. Some of the APC staff share their favorite recipes to serve during your party this year.

Pro Bowl TV schedule


'Preview' is in quotes, because who writes a serious and analytical preview of the Pro Bowl?

Niners big opening line Super Bowl favorite


Vegas usually gets it right. In the case of this Super Bowl, though, they probably didn't.

Divisional round playoff picks


Tex picked all of the games correctly last week. This week, we will take him down.

Divisional round playoff schedule


Four games are on tap today, in what is usually the best weekend of football every season. However, these games might not be that close.

Wild card picks and predictions


Our regular season pick 'em contest is over, but APC's editors still got together to predict the outcome of the first round of the playoffs.

Wild Card weekend schedule and announcers


You're all focusing on the Packers, for sure, but each Wild Card game has its own merits.

Blog changes, plus a FanPost reminder


We've made some changes, and we'd love to see some more community participation.

NFL picks and predictions


It's the last week of the season, but not the last week you can make fun of us for not knowing anything. We'll be back next week with playoff picks.


Who's the MVP?


Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning have both had incredible seasons while turning their teams' fortunes around, but which is the MVP?

Believing in Ponder: Q&A with Daily Norseman


Among other things, APC's Q&A with the Daily Norseman revealed that Vikings fans are high on Christian Ponder after his recent success

NFL picks and predictions: Week 16


Once again, feel free to ridicule APC's editors in the comments for being bad at picking games.


We have located Mason Crosby's replacement

Seriously, Ted, give him a call.

Best football nickname ever?


Settle this debate, you guys.

Help the team fight snowmageddon


Shovel that snow, APCers.

Who do you want coaching your team?


And you can't pick McCarthy.

18 Years Ago: Packers' Last Game In County Stadium


Over at Brew Crew Ball, they do a daily rundown of "today in Milwaukee Brewers history". Today's article is on the final NFL game ever played at Milwaukee County Stadium, which took place 18 years ago toady. Go check it out and if you're not familiar with their work, take a look at all of the great stuff on their site.

NFL picks and predictions: Week 15


Out of the four top-notch games that match potential Super Bowl contenders up against each other, we have disagreements on three of them. Obviously, we all picked the Packers to win.

Power Rankings: Packers Slide A Few Spots


The Packers dropped down a few notches in this week's SBNation NFL Power Rankings.

NFL picks and predictions: Week 10


The Packers aren't playing this week, but we pick games anyway. Tonight's game stinks. Don't even watch it. I'm serious.

Packers 7th in power rankings; we disagree


The Green Bay Packers didn't move in SB Nation's power rankings. Maybe their absence will make hearts grow fonder?

NFL Picks and Predictions: Week 9


Thursday Night Football is hardly a football game at all, but we pick it anyway, along with the rest of the NFL action.

Packers move down two spots in NFL power rankings


The Green Bay Packers won on Sunday, but every other "elite" team in the NFL won more convincingly.

NFL Picks and Predictions: Week 8


The leaders of the NFC North are on Thursday Night Football, and only one of APC's editors was brave enough to pick them to lose.

Fun with power rankings


Surprise! The Packers have moved up in SB Nation's power rankings.

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