Weekly NFL Picks

APC's Super Bowl Picks: Broncos Expected to Win


APC's writers weigh in with their final picks of the season, and it's a 6-to-1 vote in favor of Denver earning its third Lombardi trophy.

Weekly Picks: Conference Championship Games


It's the Broncos hosting the Patriots in the AFC, and the Niners playing the Seahawks in the NFC this Sunday. Here are our picks for the games.

Divisional Round Picks: Believe in the Bolo Tie?


APC's staff predicts how the second round of the NFL playoffs will unravel.

Week 17 NFL Picks: Packers Over Bears


APC's authors take one final crack at picking regular-season games, and their pick for the Packers-Bears game is unanimous.

Week 16 NFL Picks: Can Packers Keep It Up?


After last week's insane win in Dallas, APC believes that the Packers can keep it up in their final home game of the regular season.

Week 15 NFL Picks: Expecting the Worst


None of your APC writers are showing any faith in the Packers to overcome injuries and get a win in Dallas this weekend.

Week 14 NFL Picks: APC Split on Packers-Falcons


With Aaron Rodgers' status for Sunday looking less and less promising every day, our authors are divided on whether the Packers can beat the Falcons at home.

APC Week 13 Picks: Bears over Vikings


In the shadow of an ugly Thanksgiving Day loss, APC still has to pick the rest of the games on the week 13 schedule, and we are split on the Bears game against Minnesota.

Week 13 NFL Picks, Part 1: Thanksgiving Day Games


The APC writers don't have much faith in the Packers and Matt Flynn to defeat the Detroit Lions on Turkey Day.

Week 12 NFL Picks: Packers Expected to Bounce Back


Your APC writers show their faith in the Packers to rebound from a three-game losing streak at home against the rival Vikings.


Week 11 NFL Picks - APC is Down on Green Bay


The APC writers are not showing faith in the Packers this week, as it's the first time since week one that a majority pick them to lose.

APC's Week 9 NFL Picks


The APC staff appears to have faith in Seneca Wallace's ability to bounce back, as five of the seven writers predict a Packers win on Sunday.

Week 9 NFL Picks


We Packers writers are, shockingly, predicting that Green Bay will win this weekend against its biggest rival.

APC's Week 8 NFL Picks


The slate of games in week 8 of the NFL season is pretty abysmal, as 8 of the 13 games have point spreads of 7 points or more. Few of our picks should surprise you this week.

Week 7 NFL Picks: Packers Unanimous over Browns


In our picks for week 7, only one writer predicts that one of the NFL's two remaining unbeaten teams will fall.

APC's Week 6 NFL Picks


Our weekly picks are out, and the writers are confident in the Packers this week as they head to Baltimore.

Week 5 NFL Picks: APC Says Packers Win


The APC writers submit their week 5 picks, which see us confident in a Packers victory.

Week 4 NFL Picks: Bouncing Back from a Bad Week


Picking NFL games doesn't get any easier as bye weeks kick in, but the APC staff is up for the challenge in week four.

Week 3 NFL Picks: APC Expects Packers to Roll


It's another clean sweep this week, as your bloggers predict a Packers win over the Bengals.

APC's NFL Picks, Week 2: Packers Pick Is Unanimous


Despite last week's loss to San Francisco, APC authors are in unanimous agreement that the Packers will rebound this Sunday.

APC's Week 1 NFL Picks


See which members of the APC staff think the Packers will be victorious on Sunday.

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