Packers Free Agency Rumors: Talks Continue with Quarless, Interest in Ravens' Arthur Jones

Some NFL team will make Arthur Jones very happy soon. - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We run down a few of the bits and pieces of news that are going on with the Packers and the NFL fully into the "legal tampering" period with just over a day to go before free agency officially opens.

The Green Bay Packers are certainly active right now in the free agency market, as several reports indicate that they have been and continue to be in contact with agents for some of their own free agents. Meanwhile, the rumor mill is continuing to spin quickly, and speculation abounds regarding players Green Bay may be targeting as well as possible landing spots for their free agents.

We'll give you a little of everything that we've been able to find throughout the day today and let you decide what you think will come of these reports.

Packers Talking to Andrew Quarless

Well, they have specifically been talking to his agent, Chris Cabott, who confirmed to the Green Bay Press-Gazette in the article linked above that he has been in contact regularly in recent days. Cabott also indicates that seven other teams have contacted him about Quarless as well.

That's the one confirmed story that we have for you today, as the rest of the "news" below falls squarely under "R" for "Rumor." Please read everything below with that in mind, and know that we are not currently presenting any of these reports as indications that the mentioned players will in fact sign with Green Bay.

Lamarr Houston

The first rumor worth discussing is the supposed interest that the Packers hold in Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Lamarr Houston:

Then again, we have this recent tweet from the Press-Gazette's Pete Dougherty calling that into question:

Either way, Houston would likely be a good scheme fit in Green Bay and it is logical that they would be at least interested in what kind of money he is looking for. That said, if they have not called his agent yet, that interest level does not appear to be very strong.

Arthur Jones

Another player the Packers have been connected to is Baltimore Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones, who has 8.5 sacks over the past two years and was a key starter on the Ravens defense in 2013. According to the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson, the Packers are one of a number of teams who are interested in the four-year veteran.

James Jones

Finally, we have a minor bit of speculation regarding a former Packers wide receiver:

Once again, take any so-called "expectations" at this point with a grain of salt. After all, as of Friday afternoon most of us fully expected Sam Shields to hit the open market, so anything can happen.

Are you hearing or seeing any more rumors about the Packers in free agency on Monday? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to discuss these as well.

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