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NFL Draft Running Diary: Well that was interesting


If you are familiar with Bill Simmons's running diaries of NBA drafts and other events in the past, you will find this familiar. You will laugh, you will cry, you will probably only get through...

The Kings are Ugly


How could a team with Jeff Carter and Jarret Stoll be so ugly?

Adam Rittenberg ranks Ross-Ade 11th in the B10


Adam Rittenberg and Brian Bennett think Ross-Ade is the second worst stadium in the B10, in front of only IU. How is it that Northwestern is better than either of those?

Welcome to the club, Atlanta.


ESPN New York troll columnist Rob Parker has managed to piss off another fanbase with his foolishness.

An Open Letter To ESPN


ESPN's Monday Night Football coverage was terrible, as usual.

ESPN3 and Rutgers


Rutgers athletics spokesman Jason Baum announced earlier that Rutgers/Navy will be an ESPN 3 exclusive next week, the third such game this season thus far. Rutgers actually probably doesn't mind all that much not having local TV for this game, which could help attendance, but it's still not at all fair. ESPN 3 claims a lot of Rutgers games, and it's for a very specific reason. Cablevision is the cable provider for a good portion of New Jersey (and the rest of the NYC market), including New Brunswick and Piscataway. Cablevision refuses to add ESPN 3, so as leverage, ESPN makes live Rutgers games ESPN 3 exclusives so that fans can not view them on regional sports networks such as SNY, who certainly would much rather have RU/'Navy than Cincinnati/Louisville that week. ESPN 3 is a fun enough service, but this routine is quickly wearing thin. Even Knicks and Ranger fans hate the Dolans, but if this may be the one course of action that could make people actually take their side of a change. ESPN needs to give it a rest, and let their product actually sink or swim on the merits. Of course, this is also another reason why the Big East conference is terrible, as these hostile acts are only even possible because Mike Tranghese was a terrible commissioner who hated Big East football with a burning passion, and thus left himself exposed to sign a terrible television contract.

Another Poll of Note - Better Tradition: Michigan v. Clemson


Yeah. This isn't even close. The M GO BLUE Banner versus a bunch of dudes dressed like Illinois fondling a rock. Go, vote, crush Clemson.

Aaron Rodgers Loves ESPN


A look at some recent comments made by Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers towards ESPN.

Looks like Maryland beat itself again. Thanks pecksnif!


Looks like Maryland beat itself again. Thanks pecksnif!

"EPSN" Strikes Again


  ESPN.com - NHL - Stanley Cup Final Game 2 Preview TAMPA, Florida (Ticker) -- The Calgary Flames can tie the NHL record for the most road wins in a postseason on Thursday when they face the Tampa...

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