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Report: NFL hopeful about holding minicamps in late June

It appears that the NFL is putting serious plans together about getting its teams back in the building for on-field practice time before training camp.

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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Potential 4th-and-15 change has Packers buzzing

If the new rule is enacted for 2020, expect more excitement in place of what has become one of the most predictable parts of football.

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Vernon Scott’s versatility and high ceiling could be overlooked part of Packers' draft class

One of the Packers’ final picks of the draft could provide some upside in filling the team’s revolving door at hybrid linebacker, while providing depth at safety and on special teams.

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Can Jordan Love succeed for where so many other non-top-10 QBs have failed?

The list of quarterbacks picked in the range where Green Bay took Jordan Love is perilously small. But the "why" matters. Why did those players fail and is Love likely to fail where they did? We dug in to find out.

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Packers' Mike Pettine looking for increased contributions from Rashan Gary

The Packers’ defensive coordinator wants Gary to take on a bigger role in 2020

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APC selects Aaron Jones for Packers (again) in SB Nation’s 2017 re-draft

In a recent re-draft of 2017, we grabbed a Packers draft pick, but in round one instead of round five.

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Old dogs and new tricks: How can Aaron Rodgers learn to throw over the middle?

Is it personnel, system, or himself keeping Rodgers from throwing over the middle?

Thursday Cheese Curds: The Packers are "virtually" unstoppable

Thanks to COVID-19, the Packers have had to get creative to implement their off-season program and not even a pandemic will keep Matt LaFleur from having some fun

Does continuity give the Packers any advantage in 2020 the way it did in 2011?

Restrictions on offseason work due to COVID-19 mirror 2011 during CBA negotiations and a lockout. Green Bay rode its virtuoso quarterback and returning infrastructure, overcoming that hurdle. Could they follow a similar path this year?

2020 NFL Draft

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Wednesday Walkthroughs: What second-year Packers player will you be watching in 2020?

APC writers weigh in on second-year players looking to blossom after a promising first season.

Passer rating explains why the Packers believe in Chandon Sullivan

Only one player in the entire NFL allowed a lower passer rating than Sullivan did in 2019.

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Green Bay Packers fantasy, odds analysis

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Wednesday Curds: Will Packers take year-2 jump on offense despite similar personnel?

Green Bay didn’t add much to its offense this offseason, so is it realistic to expect a big improvement for 2020?

Packers will look to young EDGE rushers to pick up the slack

The Packers need more help on the edge. Here are five first- and second-year players who may be able to help.

Packers Roster Transactions

New t-shirt celebrates Aaron Rodgers’ love of Scotch whisky

Down it goes. Down into #12’s belly.

Packers’ Aaron Jones was one of the NFL’s best runners against 8-man boxes in 2019

Green Bay’s star running back was one of just four runners to average more than five yards per carry against heavy boxes last year.

5 current and former Packers make the Pro Football Focus All-Decade team

Pro Football Focus released their all decade team, and five current and former Packers made the list.

Tuesday Cheese Curds: NFL facilities can begin opening today, Rooney Rule changes coming

Although some NFL teams will begin opening up today, the Packers will not be among them.

Packers’ 2019 record was the biggest outlier since the 2012 Colts

One must look back seven years to find a team that exceeded its expected win total by a bigger margin than the Packers did in 2019.

An abnormal 2020 offseason may impact the leaps of several second-year Packers

The grow-from-within staple of the Green Bay franchise will be affected to some extent by COVID-19, but hopefully the damage can be minimized for a number of notable players.

Monday Cheese Curds: Allen Lazard gets creative in lockdown, NFL loses a pioneer

The Packers’ WR2 has had a fascinating offseason, while Phyllis George’s passing reminds the NFL media world of her trailblazing role for women in the 1970s.

Matt LaFleur and Packers’ coaches embrace teaching opportunities during lockdown

The Green Bay staff has gotten creative with how they are instructing their players on the team’s schemes, and by the head coach’s account, all parties are taking to the new system well.

Aaron Rodgers weighs in on Jordan Love in first post-NFL Draft comments to reporters

Rodgers says he’s looking forward to a great relationship with Love, but admits having a new quarterback around may change his long-term status with the Packers.

Packers All-2010s Team: Punt return spot provides some debate among specialists

Randall Cobb stands head and shoulders above the rest of the Packers’ kickoff returners in the 2010s, but the punt return spot is more debatable.

Friday Cheese Curds: What impact has COVID-19 had on the Packers and Green Bay at large?

The Packers are in good shape to survive a loss of a season. Area businesses? Not so much.

Packers announce 2020 preseason schedule, featuring three Saturday games

If the preseason starts on time, Packers fans should be pleased to see three weekend games on the schedule.

Packers Hall of Fame pushes Woodson, Harris induction to 2021 amid COVID-19 concerns

Charles Woodson and Al Harris will still go into the Packers Hall of Fame, just not in 2020. Their induction will wait until 2021 to allow for a proper celebration, hopefully without health concerns.

What if the Packers had drafted one pick earlier?

Several times over the past decade-plus, the Packers missed out on a tremendous player by one selection. The most painful of these came in 1996, about nine months before Green Bay’s Super Bowl XXXI victory.

APC’s Packers All-Decade defense boasts six unanimous picks and several what-ifs

The Packers’ top defense was tougher to pick than the offense for the past decade, with some difficult decisions coming in the secondary.

Thursday Cheese Curds: Is Josiah Deguara an X-factor for the Packers offense?

Receiver, traditional tight end or even as a passer, the Packers rookie has done it all.

Wednesday Walkthroughs: What’s your favorite sports video game?

APC writers reminisce about their favorite virtual sports experiences.

APC Packers All-2010s Team: Offense has few surprises, ten unanimous picks

There’s not much intrigue in our picks for the All-2010s offense, but it still makes for a fun exercise to look back at the last decade in Green Bay.

Wednesday Cheese Curds: Where is Jon Runyan’s best fit on the Packers’ offensive line?

Whether it’s at center, guard, or even tackle, Runyan has plenty of believers.

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All work and no play: Inside the struggles of the Packers play-action game

The Packers never caught fire with their play-action game the way many thought they would under Matt LaFleur’s direction. We take an in-depth look at what happened, what worked, didn’t work and could work in the future.