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Football Outsiders on the Packers

Ned Macey wrote a great article on the loss to Chicago. Basically he says many of the same things I said, or tried to say, in my review of the game but his article is better written than mine. Bottom line; it was one loss and they're still the same team that won their first four games of the season:

These nitpickings aside, the 2007 Packers are a much more complete team than the 2007 Bears, and nothing in Green Bay on Sunday goes to disprove the notion. The Packers had 154 more yards of total offense, but the turnovers killed them. The Bears were fortunate to recover all three fumbles they forced, including an acrobatic recovery by punter Brad Maynard. The Packers also committed 12 penalties, including one that kept alive the Bears' first touchdown drive.

I expected QB Brett Favre's DVOA ranking to take a hit for the game, but he did have an outstanding first half and his last interception was a hail mary which DVOA doesn't count as a turnover, so they ranked him as the 7th best QB of week 5:

When Brett Favre is your quarterback, you have to take his strengths with his weaknesses, and the "impossible ridiculous pass that he has no chance to complete which turns into an interception" is his weakness.