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Koren Robinson WIll Not Be A Packer Again

Not that I have anything against KR/WR Koren Robinson but if QB Brett Favre has indicated he wants you on the team then it's certain GM Ted Thompson doesn't want you. Favre lobbied hard for WR Randy Moss back then and the Packers didn't get their man, so a telephone call from Favre is probably the kiss of death for acquiring Robinson.

Seriously, with WR Shaun Bodiford and CB Tramon Williams showing little on kick returns, there is an opening on the roster for Robinson if he can prove he can play. There is no role for him in the offense right now as the potential 5th wide receiver, but he's probably still better than Bodiford or practice squad WR Chris Francies if injuries strike. The special teams blocking on kick returns has looked better this season then last, so Robinson might be able to make an impact immediately. Despite being in the league since 2001, he is only 27 years old and while not a great receiver, he probably could help enough in the return game if he has cleaned up his life.