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Friday's Injury Roundup

Sunday is a big game for both teams, but both teams have some key injuries.

For the Packers, LT Chad Clifton looks like he will play, but starting C Scott Wells is definetly out and RG Junius Coston probably won't play either. Former starting RG Jason Spitz will take over for Wells and 2nd year OL Tony Moll will play in place of Coston. Both Spitz and Moll played well last season as starters, and there is unlikely to be much of a drop off, however the depth is now paper thin. Plus Washington's entire defense, especially their defensive line and secondary is playing very well and just destroyed Detroit last week. The only other players out on Sunday should be backups CB Will Blackmon and DE Michael Montgomery.

Unfortunately for Washington they might not have enough depth to replace some key players. With G Randy Thomas out, alongwith starting RT Jon Jansen already on IR, their offensive line is playing veteran journeymen RG Jason Fabini and RT Todd Wade in their place. Another veteran stopgap will be LB Randall Godfrey in place of LB Marcus Washington. The final veteran to plug the dam is WR Keenan McCardell playing in place of WR Antwaan Randle-El, who despite playing like a free agent bust in 2006 is one of the top 25 receivers this season according to Football Outsiders and outplaying number 1 WR Santana Moss. Washington has all the holes plugged, but the coaches will have to be crossing their fingers and hoping that their journeymen veterans still have something left in the tank.