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Packers 17, Washington 14

Just win ugly baby! 225 yards of offense, QB Brett Favre sets another all time record but this time it's one he would rather forget about, and a drive that ends in a missed field goal after it started on Washington's 9 yard line. Another four fumbles to add onto the three from last week, but this time none were recovered by the Packers' opponent, so we got lucky. The offense was bad and the special teams was close behind in the race to the bottom, but the defense dominated in the second half and delivered the win.

First Half: The Packers defense played great in this game, aided by a wounded Washington offense that could only get things going if they got the ball to TE Chris Cooley. 7 receptions for 97 yards and 1 TD to Cooley in the first half was the juice that fueled their first half offense. Washington's defense is playing great, but the Packers didn't have a good game plan for them. Other than the 60 yard pass to TE Donald Lee and 52 yards that led to no score as the first half wound down, the Packers offense did nothing other than set up P Jon Ryan on 4th down.

Second Half: I could be really pissed that the Packers let Cooley torch them after Chicago's TEs Greg Olson and Desmond Clark torched them the week before, but second half adjustments eased the pain. Cooley only had 2 catches for 8 yards in the second half, and Washington's offense just died with only two second half drives going for over 10 yards, and those only went for 22 and 39 yards each. Unfortunately any second half adjustments the offense made at half time worked in the opposite direction with only 68 yards of total offense in the 2nd half and no drive longer than 33 yards. A second half shutout by the defense, capped off by a game winning fumble recovery for a TD by CB Charles Woodson, makes them the entire unit the MVP for this game.