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Bye Week = Slow News Week

During the bye week, there won't be much going on, and not much to report until next Friday when the Packers injury report comes out. If they had to play next week, I would guess that starting OL Junius Coston would be out, along with RB Brandon Jackson, TE Bubba Franks, and DE Cullen Jenkins. If they were to be without CB Frank Walker, that would really hurt their depth at cornerback with only CB Tramon Williams to back up the top 3. But since there is some time for guys to get healthy and to find out exactly how banged up Jenkins and Franks are, it doesn't really matter how they are doing right now. Even the coaches will get their first days off in a while says Mike McCarthy:

As far as group meetings, we'll work today and tomorrow, and then we'll do a bunch of individual things Wednesday, self-scout types of things. And then we'll work Sunday. So really, the coaches are off Thursday, Friday and Saturday.