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The Struggles On Special Teams

After week 6, the Packers are ranked 6th overall according to Football Outsiders DVOA rankings (link not archived) with the offense 9th best and the defense 6th best. A couple of weeks ago the special teams ranked in the top 10, but now they've slipped down to 17th due to some fumbled returns and some missed field goals from K Mason Crosby. Still Mike McCarthy isn't concerned about him:

I haven't talked to Mason, but just the communication with the coaches, it was slick out there, and I guess he didn't drive on the ball the way he normally did, which maybe he was quicker with his follow or his rotation or whatever his exact fundamental. I wouldn't over-evaluate it. He's a talented kicker. I think he's fundamentally sound. More importantly, he's young. He's going to improve. But he needs to make those kicks.
Crosby has looked good this season, but he's missed some kicks lately and that has to improve. Kickers can be inconsistent, such as St. Louis' K Jeff Wilkins who had been great for years is now struggling in 2007.

This isn't just about Crosby as the entire special teams has struggled lately and tightening up their play might be the most import thing to focus on over the next two weeks.