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As The Pass Offense Struggles

Over the last six quarters, the pass offense has really struggled. QB Brett Favre had his lowest ranking of the season last week according to Football Outsiders.

Favre had a negative second-half DPAR, and was 1-of-8 for -4 yards in the fourth quarter. He took a sack and threw an interception for good measure.
Only three QBs were worse than Favre last week and his counterpart, Washington's QB Jason Campbell, outplayed him despite completing only 5 of 12 for 31 yards with 2 sacks and a fumble in the second half. If it weren't for the 60 yard pass to TE Donald Lee and 50+ yards against the prevent defense as the first half ran down, Favre would have had less than 100 yards passing. With the running game playing only a complementary role at this point, as the pass offense goes, so goes the offense, and the pass offense is heading in the wrong direction.

The main problem last week was that Washington has one of the best pass defenses in the NFL. The week before, a combination of conversative play calling and better play by Chicago stopped the pass offense that had destroyed Chicago in the first half, fumbles excluded. I'm wondering if the last six quarters is a sign of more bad offense to come, or it is too early to tell? If the pass offense continues to struggle against Denver, who is struggling to stop any pass offense despite the presence of two Pro Bowl cornerbacks, then it will be time to take a close look and see what can be done to fix the pass offense in 2007.