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An Early Broncos vs. Packers Preview

Mike Tanier is one of the best writers on the NFL and his weekly rundown of next week's games is always good reading. His analysis is right on for the upcoming game against Denver; the Packers have to learn from Pittsburgh's mistake in last week's loss at Denver and run the ball down their throat:

The Packers need to get one of their runners on track, because the Broncos have one of the league's worst run defenses. The Steelers got too crafty on Sunday night, throwing downfield too often and allowing the Broncos to play to their defensive strengths. McCarthy wants to make things easy for Brett Favre, especially since Evil Brett (the guy who throws the sloppy interceptions) has made some appearances in recent weeks.

Unfortunately the best running back so far this season, RB DeShawn Wynn, is struggling through a neck injury but it looks like he will still play. The strategy should not change whether he is available or not, and the Packers have to run the ball right at Denver.