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Both Minnesota and Chicago had tough losses on Sunday.

Minnesota lost their 3rd close game of the season, and the main problem is their offense isn't good at putting the ball in the end zone, averaging only 1 TD per game. One of the main factors that hurt Minnesota last week was that they stopped calling RB Adrian Peterson's number:

Adrian Peterson had over 100 yards and was averaging nearly 10 yards a carry at halftime, and was rewarded by getting 1 carry for 4 yards in the second half. Words can not POSSIBLY express what I feel about Brad Childress right now.
Peterson is an awesome talent. My favorite Peterson run was in the first half, obviously, when he ran left, got about 5 yards down field untouched due to some good blocking but found himself right in front of S Atari Bigby. Peterson slowed, made a quick cut that froze Bigby in his shoes, and ran right by him. The next game at Lambeau, defensive coordinator Bob Sanders will have to design a game plan to account for Peterson at all times.

Chicago lost a game they had expected to win, but Detroit played well, Chicago was missing a lot of guys due to injuries, and they couldn't stop turning the ball over:

Wasn't switching to Griese supposed to help us cut down on turnovers?  Three interceptions and two fumbles are unacceptable.  Listen, I appreciate the two TD's and the fact that Griese marched us down the field and added a dimension that we haven't had in a while (albeit, taking away the deep ball).  However, I beseech you, what is the point if we are just going to throw it away at the goal line?!?  It's almost worse than Rex.
It could have been a lot worse for them too. They had five fumbles but none were recovered by Detroit. Now they've got to head up to Lambeau and face the unbeaten Packers.