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DeShawn Wynn Is Lost For The Season

Watching RB DeShawn Wynn on the sidelines during Monday's game got me wondering if he would ever stay healthy for more than a game or two. It looks like the answer is no. Usually the loss of your leading rusher is a big problem, but it shouldn't be in this case. Obviously RB Ryan Grant stepped in just fine as Wynn's replacement on Monday night, but Wynn was also the worst receiver of the four running backs. He only has a couple receptions this season while Grant had 3 catches against Denver, Vernand Morency has caught every pass (17 in total) that Favre has attempted to him this season, and Brandon Jackson might be the best receiver of them all. Hopefully Wynn can come back from what could be a significant shoulder injury next season, and not end up like ex-Packer RB Najeh Davenport, who showed potential but could never stay healthy enough to show it over the course of an entire season.

Taking Wynn's roster spot is WR Koren Robinson, but he's struggling to play through a sore knee. I don't recall the surgery or a sore knee coming up before. Although the Packers could use an upgrade at kick returner, it doesn't sound like a speed guy with a bum knee is the man for the job.