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Preview: Chicago at Green Bay

This should be a game that Packers win easily, but Chicago has won the last three games at Lambeau.

The key to the game will be protecting QB Brett Favre. After allowing 4 sacks week 1 against Philadelphia, the Packers have only allowed 4 sacks since then. Most of the credit goes to Favre for getting rid of the ball quickly, but the pass blocking has looked much better since struggling in week 1. Chicago's defense is struggling with their entire starting secondary probably out for this game, but their defensive line is still putting a lot of pressure on the QB and playing well against the run. Slowing down the pass rush from DT Tommie Harris and DEs Adewale Ogunleye and Mark Anderson is the key to keeping the offense moving and winning the game.

Chicago's offense is a mess, according to Football Outsiders they enter the week dead last in offense. The only serious threat to knock their pathetic run offense out of the bottom spot is Detroit, but Chicago remains comfortably in last. At least San Francisco is challenging them for the worst pass offense, but after that there is a chasm between 30th and 31st place. It can only get worse with starting LT John Tait out for the game, and LG Ruben Brown and RT Fred Miller playing through injuries. If the Packers keep Chicago in poor field position throughout the game, then this offense will be hard pressed to score.

The real interesting battle in this game is on special teams. KR Devin Hester has a case of the fumbles and has done nothing on offense, but he also has scored two return TDs this season and Chicago is again one of the top 5 special team units in the NFL according to Football Outsiders. However the Packers have one of the best special team units in the league too, and their kick coverage won them the week 1 game vs. Philadelphia. If the Packers can stop or slow down Hester and keep Chicago in poor field position, then Chicago has no chance to win this game.