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QB Aaron Brooks Flashback

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I have no idea why GM Ted Thompson thinks now is the time to look at some candidates for quarterback. The Packers have only had two quarterbacks all season long, although they could sign someone and place CB Will Blackmon on I.R. since he's out for the season with a foot injury. Maybe Thompson wants to sign a QB for the practice squad, but then why bring in two veteran QBs; Rohan Davey who didn't play at all in three seasons in New England, and former Packer Aaron Brooks. Brooks has experience in Mike McCarthy's offense, but he doesn't seem to fit what the Packers are doing now which involves making quick decisions in the passing game and not scrambling to make something happen. I doubt Brooks would want to join the practice squad either. Since both Favre and Rodgers have been healthy this season it seems unnecessary to sign either, but maybe Thompson remembers the game last season when both quarterbacks were knocked out in the same game. It doesn't hurt to sign a quarterback, or any of the other players who tried out for a spot on the practice squad, but it doesn't seem necessary either.