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Bounty Bowl

It's pretty ironic that the issue of bounties came up right before the Thanksgiving game. I couldn't think of a similar situation involving a bounty in recent memory, but I got an email from Peter who pointed out the Bounty Bowl between the Eagles and Cowboys on Thanksgiving in 1989.

In the previous thread butch and brafi don't think it's a big deal. QB Jon Kitna agrees and said it's healthy and inspires players to do their jobs, so long as there is no intent to injury someone.

Except it doesn't work that way. In the Bounty Bowl, K Luis Zendejas was the intended target and sure enough he was knocked out of the game with a concussion. It also creates more problems down the line when the time comes for payback. The next Eagles/Cowboys game (Bounty Bowl II) was a complete breakdown of order in the stands. It also encourages players to act outside of the concept of team:

''It was nothing. It was guys talking. It was all bravado,'' Roberts said. ''I don't want to put that on Buddy Ryan or the Eagles. It was the time. It was the whole bravado trip we were on. We were a strong, tough team. It was all about solipsism.''

Solipsism. It means self-absorption, and Roberts decries it. In himself and others, especially his players. He preaches no solo demonstrations on the field. He emphasizes punt and kick units coming and going off the field as a team.

If the new Al Roberts had been in Philly in 1989, ''I would have stopped it sooner. I would not have been tolerant of the bravado.''