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Adding Some Depth At Safety

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Nice move by GM Ted Thompson to resign S Marviel Underwood to add some depth in the secondary. Tough luck for DT Colin Cole, who ended up on injured reserve and is now out for the season although he might have been able to come back in a couple of weeks, but someone had to give up their roster spot for Underwood. With S Aaron Rouse and S Nick Collins both potentially out with injuries for next Thursday, the only healthy safeties on the roster were Atari Bigby and Charlie Peprah. Although Bigby has been starting all season, Peprah has barely played at all in either the preseason or regular season. Finishing out the 2nd half last week at Detroit might have been the first action for Peprah since the last preseason game.

Although Underwood struggled in training camp this season, he had shown some promise prior to his major knee injury in 2006. He wasn't ready to play yet and the additional months off should have helped, if he's kept himself in shape. Prior to his release last August, he had been with the team since they drafted him in April 2005, so he's already familiar with Bob Sanders' defense. Unfortunately he hasn't played any football since August, and he didn't look very good at the time either, so it would be a problem if he had to play a lot of minutes. If he is healthy and still comfortable playing in the defense, then he might be able to fill in until everyone else returns from their injuries.