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Open Thread: Packers at Kansas City

Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday, November 4th, 2007
Noon CST, Fox
This is an open thread for the game.

Inactives from

Green Bay Packers Inactives: TE Bubba Franks, DT Justin Harrell, WR Ruvell Martin, CB Will Blackmon, LB Desmond Bishop, G Junius Coston, DT Colin Cole, DT Daniel Muir. (Ed. note: If DT Ryan Pickett missed the game due to injury, Cole and/or Muir might have been activated in his place. Hopefully listing three defensive tackles as inactive doesn't hurt them in this game.)

Fantasy take: Donald Lee will see more work in the absence of Franks. Koren Robinson, Al Harris and Charles Woodson are all active. (Ed. note: Lee shouldn't play any more than last week when Franks was also inactive. Either way Lee is still the starter. It will be interesting to see if Robinson can play, especially at wide receiver, since he is taking the place of Ruvell Martin who is normally the 4th wide receiver but inactive today.)

Kansas City Chiefs Inactives: QB Tyler Thigpen (3rd QB), CB Rashad Barksdale, T Herbert Taylor, T Kyle Turley, WR Bobby Sippio, WR Eddie Kennison, DT DeMarcus Tyler, LB Keyaron Fox.

Fantasy take: Samie Parker will continue to start with Kennison out another week.