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Donald Lee Has A Shiny New Deal

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Not exactly a record setting deal, but the Packers lock up TE Donald Lee with a 4 year, $12 million extension. It was nice timing to announce it right after his solid game in Kansas City, but it was done now so the Packers could record some of it against the unused cap space still remaining in 2007:

Lee got $2 million in base salary this season, which was added to his original base salary of $595,000. That $2 million will count this season against the $7.39 million the team had remaining under the salary cap.

Lee will earn $4.9 million next season in the first year of the deal, which gets more cap-friendly as it goes along.

It's a nice signing for the Packers when it's compared to what TE Daniel Graham ($30 million deal with $15 million guaranteed) signed last season. Lee is sure to earn his $2 million this season and $4.9 million in 2008, so it's a good deal for him too. It would be amazing if a tight end known more for his blocking than receiving, coming off a 10 reception 2006 season, could break TE Paul Coffman team record of 56 catches set back in 1979.